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Weight Cutting Research On Young Athletes

|By Dr. Marco De Ciantis|

Weight cutting is a common occurrence in many weight-classed competitive sports, such as boxing, martial arts and wrestling as a means for athletes to make a weight category. Tension, dizziness, headaches, and confusion have been associated with rapid weight loss (RWL) as a direct result of this practice being recorded as suffered in amateur to professional competitors alike. To date, there is a lack of research in weight cycling and its benefits among athletes in terms of performance outcomes as winning a medal or match. New research is key to better understanding the potential dangers and performance effects cutting weight has on athletes of all types. Check out this research study overview by Dr. De Ciantis on young adolescent martial arts who cut weight to make their weight division.



To investigate the rate of weight cycling in Junior Taekwondo athletes and its effect on performance.


Athletes were weighed prior to competition, then again before their first match. Body mass difference in relation to winning was compared.


A significant increase from weigh-in to pre-match measurements was consistently found in both genders with no significant difference between them. Winners had a mean body mass gain (1.02 kg) which was non-significantly less than the non-winners (1.09 kg).


RWL practices do not define which athlete will perform better. Negative effects of weight cycling coupled with RWL has unclear performance benefits which indicates a need for further research.


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Dr. Marco De Ciantis

Dr. De Ciantis is a Chiropractor and dedicated to providing advanced and clinically proven therapeutics techniques to shorten injury time and enhance healing. Beginning his career at the University of Toronto, studying Human Biology, he developed a keen interest in research and manual therapies. As such, his research pursuits have been on musculoskeletal conditions and sports rehabilitation, focusing on developing sustainable rehabilitative programs. To date he has conducted original research, being published in various scientific peer-reviewed journals.

Dr. De Ciantis is currently working with The Toronto Titans football, amateur soccer and men’s rugby teams. Moreover, he has also provided care to youth and adult martial arts athletes during various provincial and national competitions.

Dedicated to providing his community the most advanced therapies, his model of care includes chiropractic manipulations, mobilizations, advanced soft tissue therapies, Graston, Shockwave, Magnetic Bio-Stimulation (MBS) and active rehabilitation programs.

Dr. De Ciantis currently practices at Sports Specialist Rehab Centre (SSRC)

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