WBFF Fitness Stars Pedi & Paul Blast Arms

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WBFF Fitness Stars Pedi & Paul Blast Arms


WBFF Fitness Competitors and Pedi and Paul Mirdamadi are looking lean and mean and are ready to hit the stage at the WBFF World Championships. Just days away from the big show, the boys hooked up with Coach PK for a pre-contest arm workout. Even though they’ve been dieting hard and the carbs have been ultra-low, the boys came to the Canadian Mecca of Bodybuilding and Fitness ready to train hard. We opened up with three heavy supersets of straight barbell curls and weighted dips. For the second round we isolated the triceps with three sets of overhead rope extensions and hit the biceps brachialis with three sets of rope hammer curls. Three supersets of single-arm cable extensions and cable curls were added for the third round to etch in a little extra detail. And we finished the session off with an old-school favorite: barbell curl 21’s and close grip push-ups. Pedi and Paul got a crazy arm pump from this workout and struck a few of their signature poses for the camera. Based on their conditioning, it’s clear that the boys are ready to rock. We got an exclusive interview with Pedi and Paul after the workout to hear more about their pre-contest experience. Check out highlights of the arm session and the interview below: Best of luck at the show gents – all your hard work is about to pay off big time!


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  1. ramiro August 25, 2011 at 12:09 PM - Reply

    These guys r killing it, i see them popping up everywhere. Congratulations fitness stars!

  2. Paramount Training August 25, 2011 at 8:29 PM - Reply

    Great Job Guys! Best Of Luck This Saturday At The WBFF!

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