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UFC on Fox 4: Shogun Vs. Vera


| By Big Jeff Pearce |


My first thought when I looked at this fight card was that Joe Silva and Dana White must’ve felt bad about UFC 149.  And as a result, they packed this card with better talent than we are used to seeing on FOX cards.  Is this card a covert apology from the UFC brass?  It’s not being sold that way but it could certainly be interpreted as such.  For one thing, there is much better talent on this card than there was on UFC 149.  On July 30th, 2012 on The MMA Hour podcast, Dana White said that the winner of Shogun vs. Vera will be getting a title shot against Jon Jones.  Here’s the Strong-Athlete beat down:



If you don’t know who Mauricio “Shogun” Rua (20-6-0) or Brandon “The Truth” Vera (12-5-0) are, you need to go hit Google and do some research.  These fighters are both veterans of the cage and have fought some serious slobber knockers.  Vera’s last win in the octagon was a unanimous decision back in August 2009 against TUF alumni Krzysztof Soszynski.  After that, he followed up with two losses to Jon Jones (TKO) and Randy Couture (Decision); two losses against some of the best in the business.  Vera then faced off against Thiago Silva in a no contest bout that was overturned by the NSCA.  Brandon has something to prove to fans going into this fight.  Namely, whether or not he is a relevant contender in the weight class or just a stepping stone for more talented fighters.  However, Dana White has made it clear that the winner of this bout will get a title shot.  Does Vera deserve it?  Considering his recent record, no.  In Mauricio’s last 3 fights, he is 1-2.  He lost the belt to Jon Jones by TKO, stopped Forrest Griffin by punches in the first round and followed that win with his UFC 139 decision loss to Dan Henderson.  If he wins, he has an opportunity to avenge his loss against Jon Jones.  Is this the same Shogun of the past and can he actually avenge his loss to Jon Jones?

Who has most to gain?  Vera.  He needs to prove his relevance in this weight class and that he is still a contender to fans.  This fight is really make or break for Vera.

Who has the most to lose?  Vera.  He could potentially be inching closer to being cut by the UFC if he loses this fight.  Mauricio is in no danger of being cut anytime soon; however, his stock will plummet if he loses to Vera.

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Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida (17-3-0) was on a helleuva winning streak until it was broken by Mauricio Rua.  Since then, he has gone 1-3 in his last 4 fights (including his loss to Rua).  Those 3 losses are Machida’s only losses to date.  After his loss to Rua, Machida went on to lose to Rampage, win against an aging Randy Couture and lost again to Jon Jones.  Whatever winning streak he was on is now over.  He faces fellow contender and TUF alumni Ryan “Darth” Bader (14-2-0); the man with one of the worst nicknames in the UFC.  But, nicknames don’t matter and Bader has put together a fairly impressive fight record.  Currently, Bader is coming off a two fight win streak against Jason Brilz and Rampage Jackson.

Who has the most to gain?  Bader.  If he wins, it will signal that he may be ready to be seriously considered for a future title shot and fight Jones; possibly avenging one of his only two losses on his record.

Who has the most to lose? Machida.  His legacy is in serious trouble if he loses to Bader.  Will the UFC cut “The Dragon”?  I don’t know, but it seems unlikely.  However, the legend of “The Dragon” may come into serious question, if it hasn’t already.  Maybe he should ditch Steven Seagull (yeah, Seagull).

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Recently on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, we heard a bit of a public spat between Nam Phan and Steven Seagal.  When asked about Nam’s past comments, Seagal replied back with “Nam Fran? Nam who?  I don’t know who he is.”  A few shows later, Nam Phan called Seagal a “Douche”.

How is this relevant to UFC on FOX 4?  Well, it’s not really.  But, Nam and Lyoto are fighting on the same card and Seagal is typically in Lyoto’s corner.  Who knows what deadly Aikido moves Seagull could slap on Nam Fran backstage.



This card could have been a pay-per-view card with all the talent packed in here.  One of the more interesting bouts on the card is Joe Lauzon (21-7-0) vs. Jamie Varner (20-6-1).  These guys are both veterans of the cage and are almost guaranteed to put on a good show.  Lauzon is your consummate journeyman who has been slamming and banging against mid-range talent for quite some time.  Varner certainly made his mark in the WEC and has amassed a number of wins and accolades.  As of late, he is on a three fight win streak.  Of the three fights, only one of those was in the UFC and two were in the XFC.

This card also features the return of fighters like Mike Swick, Cole Miller, Phil Davis, Manny Gamburyan, the aforementioned Nam Phan and many more.

See below for the entire fight card and the Road to the Octagon video…

UFC on FOX 4: Shogun vs. Vera


Mauricio Rua


Brandon Vera


Lyoto Machida


Ryan Bader


Joe Lauzon


Jamie Varner


Mike Swick


DaMarques Johnson


Cole Miller


Nam Phan


Phil Davis


Wagner Prado


Rani Yahya


Josh Grispi


Oli Thompson


Philip De Fries


Michihiro Omigawa


Manny Gamburyan


Ulysses Gomez


John Moraga



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