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UFC 152 Preview: Bones vs. The Phenom

Strong-Athlete presents: UFC 152 Preview

|Big Jeff Pearce|

Here’s the thing, the UFC has been plagued with injuries throughout the 2012 season.  Most recently, Frank Mir got injured and had to pull out of the Cormier fight in November.  This card is no stranger to that kind of bad luck.  We all know the story of how Dan Henderson got injured, a fight card got cancelled, everybody hates Jon Jones and somehow Chael Sonnen comes out looking like a knight in shining armour.  I won’t get into it.  The point is:  this fight card has taken the shape it has because of the cancellation of Hendo v. Jones.

A lot of people are disinterested, the odds reflect that no one really thinks that Belfort will win the fight and, most likely, the PPV buys will be low.  That being said, there are a plethora of reasons as to why people should be paying attention to this fight card.  To start, the light heavyweight title is up for grabs here.  Frankly, UFC fans have short memories.  Does no one remember GSP v. Serra or any of the other monumental upsets in UFC history?  Jones could lose the belt, I know the odds don’t reflect it, but Belfort isn’t a bum off the streets here – he is a seasoned professional fighter with serious talent.   Jones is a monster in the cage, no two ways about it, but so was GSP when Serra took him out for a cheap dinner and didn’t call him the next day.  Keep that in mind when you’re watching this fight.

Frankly, UFC fans have short memories.  Does no one remember GSP v. Serra or any of the other monumental upsets in UFC history?

The second reason why UFC fans should be majorly into this fight card is the flyweight championship bout between Benavidez and Johnson.  These 125 pounders are fast, exciting and are not afraid to bang.  If anything, these guys will prove that the flyweight division deserves your attention.  Both of these guys have lost to Dominic Cruz in the past and have similar records.  I like Benavidez for the win in this one.  His record reflects the ability to finish fights more often than his opponent Johnson.  In addition to this, Johnson relies on takedowns when one of Benavidez’ strengths is his submission game.  I think that Benavidez has the tools to win this fight and consequently, the flyweight title.

Moving on to what should be the best fight on the card, Brian Stann v. Michael Bisping.  Michael Bisping is a helleuva fantastic striker and Brian Stann is no slouch in that department either.  However, there are a few points I would like to highlight here.  Bisping has fought a lot of higher level opponents when in comparison to Stann. One of Stann’s most recent losses was by submission to Chael Sonnen.  An interesting note is that Stann is a finisher, whereas Bisping has definitely gone to more decisions.  All that being said, I think it is Bisping’s fight to lose. He’s done this game at a higher skill level than Stann for a longer time.  Bisping for the win.

Finally, the rest of the main card has got Hamil v. Hollett and Swanson v. Oliviera.  Quick picks on these ones:  Hamil and Swanson.  The remainder of the undercard is stacked with exciting fights.  So, to conclude, this is why you should be excited about this fight card:

  • Light heavyweight belt is up for grabs
  • Crazy betting lines on Belfort
  • Flyweight title is up for grabs
  • Stann v. Bisping in what will be a slugfest
  • Absolutely stacked undercard

Check out the Extended Preview to UFC 152 right here courtesy of UFC.com:

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