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UFC 150: Henderson vs Edgar II Preview & Predictions



| By Big Jeff Pearce |

UFC 150 will be taking place in Denver, Colorado on Saturday August 11, 2012.  Off the heels of UFC on FOX 4, we have what potentially could be an equally exciting fight card.  However, UFC 150 has some big shoes to fill; does the card have big enough feet to fill those shoes?  There’s definitely a chance.  Here’s the strong scoop on the fight card:


Benson “Smooth” Henderson vs. Frankie “The Answer” Edgar

This isn’t the first time that these two heavy-handed lightweights have met in the cage.  In fact, it is the second; if this fight is anything like the first, we are going to be in for a show.  What is on the line?  Not only pride but also the lightweight championship belt.

What is unusual about this card is that this fight is a rematch from Feb 25, 2012; the last time either of these guys fought.  Benson won by a unanimous decision.  So, why is this rematch happening so soon?  Your guess is as good as mine.  But, would I turn down a second opportunity of seeing these two scrap?  Hell no.

For all the heart that Frankie has shown fight after fight, I just don’t think he has the skill set to beat Benson.  After re-watching the first fight, it just solidified my position on the outcome.

Strong-Athlete Pick:  Henderson for a smooth win.


Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone vs. Melvin “The Young Assassin” Guillard

I’m almost more excited for this fight than the Henderson vs. Edgar.  Melvin Guillard is a veteran of the cage and has won 6 of his last 8 fights since February 2010.   He has 47 wins to his name and is only 29 years old.  But for all his experience, Guillard seems to have an issue defending submissions successfully; recording UFC losses by submission to Josh Neer, Joe Stevenson, Rich Clementi, Nate Diaz, Joe Lauzon and Jim Miller.  These losses range from January 2006 (Neer) to January 2012 (Miller).

It just so happens that Cowboy knows how to lasso a submission or two.   Since 2008, Cowboy has won 6 fights by submission.  If the fight stay standing, we are going to see an all out brawl.  However, if this fight goes to the ground, Guillard will probably get tapped.

Strong-Athlete Pick:  Giddy up, Cowboy for the win.


Jake Shields vs. Ed “Short Fuse” Herman

What can I say about this fight that you aren’t already thinking?  Both of these fighters have a number of submission wins on their records.  Ed Herman is on a 3 fight win streak going into this bout.  Those wins were both by stoppage; 2 submission wins and 1 KO/TKO.

In the WEC, Shields was a force to be reckoned with; racking up an impressive win streak and a huge number of submission wins.  However, Shields developed a reputation for either submitting an opponent or getting the decision win.  And, as we saw in his fight with GSP, striking is definitely not his strong suit.

On paper, Shields is the more accomplished fighter on the ground.  If this goes to the ground, it will turn into a BJJ match that Shields will most likely win.  On the other hand, both of them have a punchers chance if this fight stays standing up.   They are both hungry and need this win.

Strong-Athlete Pick:  If it goes to the ground, Shields to win.  If standing, it’s anyone’s game. 


The Rest Of The Card:

This card has some more notable fights on it that promise to be exciting.  The two that pop out are Okami vs. Roberts and Lawrence vs. Holloway.  Okami is on a 2 fight losing streak against Tim Boetsch and Anderson Silva.  Roberts is sporting a record of 12-2, with this being his second fight in the UFC.  Look for Okami to be swinging for the fences in this fight as his contract may be another loss away from dissolving.  Lawrence and Holloway are both TUF alumni; it is always interesting to see how these fighters develop after leaving the show.  They’re both young and have something to prove.

In the comments section, feel free to let me know how right or how wrong you think I am on these picks.  When the dust settles on the Octagon, we’ll see who was right.

See below for the full fight card:

UFC 150



Benson Henderson


Frankie Edgar


Donald Cerrone


Melvin Guillard


Ed Herman


Jake Shields


Buddy Roberts


Yushin Okami


Justin Lawrence


Max Holloway



Dennis Bermudez


Tom Hayden


Jared Hamman


Michael Kuiper


Ken Stone


Erik Perez


Chico Camus


Dustin Pague



Eiji Mitsuoka


Nik Lentz


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  1. Jeff Pearce August 12, 2012 at 12:10 AM - Reply

    Solid fight card so far!! Henderson and Edgar coming up – 2 for 2 on predictions!! Hoping to make it 3 for 3!!

  2. Jeff Pearce August 12, 2012 at 9:12 AM - Reply

    3 for 3 but controversial decision on the hendo edgar fight… Does anyone else think edgar shouldve won that??

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