Dave Reesor Heavy Squat Session

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Dave Reesor Heavy Squat Session

Big Dave Reesor easily squatted 500 lbs. in a leg training session.

Strong Athlete Dave Reesor after crushing a 500 lbs. squat during a training session. No belt. No wraps. 100% raw strength.

Big Dave Reesor is one of the newest additions to Team Strong Athlete. Dave is gearing up for a raw powerlifting meet in early November and has been training like an animal for the past 7 weeks. Our training volume is pretty high for Dave during this phase and we will gradually taper the volume as we get closer to the meet. Our goals at this point are to improve strength out of  the hole (using heavy front squats) and to hammer the posterior chain (with two good morning variations).

Here’s what his most recent squat training session looked like:

Squats (wave method): 405 x 3 reps, 455 x 2 reps, 475 x 1 rep, 455 x 3 reps, 500 x 1 rep

Front Squats (with 1-2 second pause at bottom position): 250 x 8 reps, 275 x 8 reps, 300 x 6 reps, 315 x 5 reps

Seated Good Mornings: 135 x 8 reps, 155 x 8 reps, 185 x 8 reps, 205 x 8 reps

Standing Good Mornings: 205 x 8 reps, 225 x 8 reps, 245 x 6 reps, 275 x 6 reps

We’ll start introducing minimal gear (belt, knee wraps) in the next training phase. Stay tuned …


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