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Training with Kai: FUTURE IFBB Figure Pro

Kai & Darren once again visited the Canadian Mecca of Bodybuilding, Fitness 365, to hang out with Coach Darren Oliver and future IFBB Figure Pro Kai Persaud Varma. Kai was just a few weeks out from the Ontario Figure Championships and looked simply phenomenal. Her back is out of this world and it’s clear that she has a very bright future in the sport of Figure. Darren and Kai took us through a hardcore back training session that truly revealed the level of intensity it takes to become an elite level figure athlete. Every rep of every set was executed with perfect form and Coach Darren ensured that most of the work sets were taken right to absolute failure.

We’ll be featuring a lot more of Kai on She’s a rising star who also has an extremely inspirational personal story of perseverance, determination and heart that we will share with you in the future. It’s just a matter of time until Kai makes it to the pros – she has too much talent and drive to be denied.

Best of luck to Kai this weekend as she looks to wow the judges and the crowd at the Ontario’s. Special thanks again to Coach Darren for his infinite training wisdom and Fitness 365 for their hospitality.


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