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The PERFECT Athlete: Part 2

 The Perfect Athlete Part 2 on

| By Big Jeff Pearce |

FOREWORD: This article is second in a two- part series of articles that outline what the ideal strength athlete would do to maximize their gains in the gym. We all know that what we do outside of the gym impacts our performance in the gym. This is a general blue print and by all means will not encompass every view point or consideration. However, it is a conceptualization of what the perfect or ideal scenario would be for a strength athlete.

Continued from The Perfect Athlete: Part One

Mr. X picks up where he left off before lunch, staying focused on his tasks at work.  His other colleagues always grumble amongst themselves, “How does he stay so focused?  Why does he work so hard?  I could never do what he does.”  There is a simple reason, Mr. X is driven and motivated.  Also, Mr. X uses nootropics to help enhance his cognitive function, memory and focus.  Not only is Mr. X successful in his athletic pursuits, but he is also successful in his work life.  His predictable afternoon break arrives; Mr. X consumes meal #4 and his supplements.  Mr. X knows that a number of the supplements he takes need to be taken with food in order to enhance absorption.  As soon as he has finished that meal, he washes his container in the sink at work to save him time from having to do it at home.  Also, he hates the smell that comes out of a Tupperware container that has old food in it.

Not only is Mr. X successful in his athletic pursuits, but he is also successful in his work life.

The clock is winding down for the day when Mr. X’s high strung boss comes through the door, “Mr. X, we need you to stay late tonight.”  Mr. X doesn’t even bat an eye, “Of course.  Let me know what you need.” He replies.  Mr. X knows that life can’t always conform to his schedule – things happen and Mr. X adapts.  That’s why he has a big tub of whey protein isolate in his office.  Right away, he adjusts to the situation.  If his workout will be pushed back by an hour, he knows that he will need extra time to get through rush hour traffic and won’t be at the gym until two hours after his regular time.  Mr. X pulls his meal #7 (the last meal of the day, only protein) forward and has it at his desk as he begins his overtime.  Mr. X learned a long time ago that to be successful in his life, he needed to be able to adapt and maintain balance and discipline. The Perfect Athlete 2

"Mr X, we need you to stay late tonight. Hope that's not a problem."

Mr. X is getting into his car and throws on his pre-workout playlist.  He knows that to get a great workout in, you need to be in the proper mindset.  And, there is no better tool to focus your mind into the workout mindset than (insert your favourite band here – after all, it’s your perfect conceptualization of yourself!).   As the drive to the gym nears a close, Mr. X has thought through his workout, is pumped up and focused.  Mr. X pops his trunk, walks around and grabs his gym bag.  In his trunk is a backup set of gym clothes, just in case he forgets his shorts or socks.  His gym bag contains a change of clothes, workout accessories, log book, water and all his pre, intra and post workout supplements. The Perfect Athlete's Gym Bag

The perfect gym bag for the Perfect Athlete. Order yours from

Mr. X consumes his pre-workout shake and supplements.  It is time to get changed and train hard.  As he is going into the change room, he gets stopped by Peter “The Motor Mouth” Pepper.  As badly as Mr. X wants to just blow the guy off, he knows that what goes around comes around, so he talks to The Motor Mouth for a minute.  Mr. X stays focused and politely excuses himself from what would otherwise be a protracted and pointless conversation.  Mr. X gets changed quickly and is out on the floor working out.  He brings his intra-workout BCAAs out on the floor with him to sip on while he works out (By the way, he also has the foresight to add in additional Leucine to his BCAA mix).  He also has a nice jug of reverse osmosis water with him to ensure appropriate hydration.  Mr. X hits all of his visualized goals and makes them a reality.  He records everything in his log book for analysis before next week’s workout.

Mr. X brings his intra-workout BCAAs out on the floor with him to sip on while he works out.

Mr. X completes his workout, has his post-workout shake and gets out to his car.  He has spent the perfect amount of time there tonight. He did not spend too much time talking or changing and remained focused throughout the workout.  As Mr. X makes the drive home, he has a big smile on his face.  He knows that he has effectively followed his plan and that even when obstacles come up, he hurdles them like an Olympian.  There is a pride that he feels in knowing that his motivation and focus allow him to achieve his goals no matter what.  Mr. X is brimming with confidence and knows that tomorrow will be an even better day.  He knows that he has to prep for tomorrow but after that he still has several hours that are all his before bed.

What Mr. X does on his own time is Mr. X’s business. - The Perfect Athlete 2A Final Note:

Mr. X is you in your most perfect image.  Mr. X makes all the right decisions and has Terminator-like discipline.  I do realize that not everyone can plan and adapt to every single situation, but the idea is to do your damn best to make sure that those situations do not derail your plans.

Mr. X is you in your most perfect image, making all the right decisions with Terminator-like discipline.

Often, it is easy to become frustrated and think that your day is ruined because of something like having to stay late at work.  It all comes down to perception; if you perceive that your day is ruined, then your training is ruined.  If you perceive that nothing can set you off course and that you can adapt to anything, your day will be just fine.  We are all human and we all make mistakes.  Your mistakes aren’t what define you as you.  Be the person you want to be.  And, if that is the perfect athlete, then go for it.


Strong Athlete Contributor Jeff PearceJeff Pearce, Editor-In-Chief

Big Jeffrey Pearce, is a physical culture writer, editor, personal trainer, and a lifetime natural bodybuilder from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  He has been bodybuilding and strength training since he was 16 years old and remains a dedicated gym rat to this day. Big Jeff is one of the strongest athletes you will ever meet, routinely bench pressing 500lbs and tossing up 150lb dumbbells for reps in a typical workout. An honors graduate from the University of Toronto, Jeff’s brains also match his brawn. Jeff has a passion for writing and has been in featured in Muscular Development.  Jeff also coaches high school kids on the benefits of strength training and nutrition.

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