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Tech GEAR: Uber Cool Training Apps

Hyperstrike iPhone Training App

This training app from Hyperstrike teaches athletes proper form for strength exercises. one of the coolest things about this iPhone app is the 3-D animations. As in 600 different 3-D animations of strength training exercises in action. Impressive. Another cool feature is that the animation highlights the muscle groups being trained – perfect for those new to the game or if you’re looking for new ways to target a specific muscle.
Check out the Hyperstrike app at the App store:

iDiablo iPhone Training App

CrossFit disciples can definitely get their WOD on with the iDiablo training app powered by CrossFit Diablo. For $5.99, athletes get access to 35 different CrossFit style workouts and over 150 detailed instructional images. Athletes can track their performance with a virtual training journal and iDiablo even includes an internal timer to keep you on track for killer circuits like Tabata. For more info, click on this link:

Nike BOOM Android Training App
Nike - Boom>
Android has definitely come to the table with a few kick-ass training apps, one of which is Nike BOOM. You can link up your music to your workouts and even get motivational tips from world-class coaches like Duke legend Mike Krzwzewski. And when you’re grinding out a tough set, you can even program the app to say “attaboy”. Not sure why they didn’t include an “attagirl” as well. Nike BOOM takes you through from your warm-up, to your actual workout as well as your cooldown. Pick it up at the Android Market website here:

JEFIT Android Training App

Someone has finally catered to the bodybuilders with this training app from Android called JEFIT Pro. Geared toward bodybuilders and serious strength athletes (i.e. guys like us, although I’m not sure who the guy in the photo is supposed to represent), JEFIT Pro allows you to track your progress, body measurements and training routines. Also includes a detailed exercise database and allows you to upload photos of yourself – ideal if you are pre-contest mode or dialing it in for a specific occasion (as in beach season). Check this one out on the Android Market website as well:

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