Do You Train HARD or SMART?

This installment of our series on muscle growth starts with a question.  Are you training H.A.R.D. or S.M.A.R.T?  By HARD I mean Hopeless, Archaic, Reckless and Dangerous! Unfortunately, many athletes fall into this category and it really hurts their progress. Let's break things down further. Hopeless A HARD training athlete simply goes into the gym [...]

Miss Chin Bikini Trains with Strong Athlete

Casandra Bella, Miss Chin Bikini 2012, trains back and abs with Coach PK of Team Strong Athlete just days before her National debut at the IFBB World Qualifier in Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada. Look out for an exclusive interview with Casandra in an upcoming feature on Feature video below: httpv:// [...]

Photo Gallery: STRONG Athlete Wins In Cobourg!

|By Team Strong Athlete|  Team Strong Athlete's Kate Mitchell swept the women's physique division at the OPA Cobourg Naturals. This was Kate's second victory in as many shows. Kate will compete next in Figure at the Ontario Championships on June 1st. Check out the photo gallery below: Team Strong [...]

Official Pain And Gain Movie Trailer

  Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has got to be the hardest working man in Hollywood these days. Strong-Athlete's all-time favorite WWE superstar and action hero has no less than four feature films debuting this year. The first, Snitch, which hit theaters in February, sees The Rock battling a drug cartel to save the [...]

Official Generation IRON Movie Trailer

Bodybuilding fans and fitness enthusiasts of all levels will be pleased to hear that 2013 will be the debut of  Generation Iron, a feature length documentary about modern day professional bodybuilding. This film is essentially a follow up to the cult classic Pumping Iron, which introduced the world to future [...]

SARS, Immune Boosters & Sugar Makes You Stupid

|By:  Big Jeff Pearce| SARS Like Virus & Immune Boosters: Recently, I was doing some of what you youngsters affectionately call ‘surfing the internets’ and I happened upon some interesting stuff.  One of the first things that I stumbled upon was that there was a small resurgence of a SARS [...]

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