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Dave “The JUGGERNAUT” Haynes

Strong-Athlete Profile: Dave "Juggernaut" Haynes

Dave “The Juggernaut” Haynes: Smashing Through Brick Walls

| By Big Jeff Pearce |

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a Juggernaut is defined as “A massive inexorable force, campaign, movement or object that crushes whatever is in its path.”  If you know Dave Haynes, then you have been witness to the human embodiment of these words.  Dave has seen some thick brick walls in his years on this planet.  Like most of us bodybuilders, Dave has something dwelling within him that makes him different than the average man.  Deep within layers of sinewy muscled bone and tattoos, Dave wields an iron will that was forged through intense personal trials.  It was this quality that allowed him to decimate those brick walls into nothing but rubble and dust.  Dave’s story is one of inspiration that any person can draw from, bodybuilder or not.

Juggernaut: a massive inexorable force, campaign, movement or object that crushes whatever is in its path.

Dave’s story begins on the inherently Canadian ice of a hockey arena.  Dave grew up playing hockey and when he picked up the stick and puck, people took notice.  He was a naturally gifted hockey player who carried big size – for a hockey player.  As he progressed through his teen years, he played hockey all the time and hung out with the boys.  Dave played hockey in a number of different places from Quebec to the O.H.L to the Oilers to the U.S.A. and Dalhousie University.  He graduated with a degree from university and a doctorate in hockey.  Dave wasn’t the kind of guy you wanted to be on the other side of, like I’ve already said – he’s a Juggernaut.

Strong Profile: Dave "Juggernaut" Haynes

The Juggernaut during his college hockey days.

Eventually, this right-winger who had been through the grinder of the hockey world decided to retire in 2002.  For anyone who hasn’t lived the hockey life, you probably aren’t aware of the drinking that goes hand in hand with the game.  Dave, like many other men in many other walks of life, developed an inclination towards drinking.  Compared to most of the guys he was surrounded by, no alarm bells were going off in his head.  It was just part of the lifestyle, no big deal.  Dave recalls that it got particularly bad in Quebec because he was the only guy that didn’t speak French, leaving him somewhat ostracized.

Dave, like many other men in many other walks of life, developed an inclination towards drinking.

Dave had no job.  He had a university degree and felt that without hockey (something he had known his whole life), he didn’t really know where to focus his efforts.  Dave got a job working with Acquired Brain-Injury Children.  He recalls it being a very sad environment because it was privately funded and the workers there were not real professionals; being paid $10/hour.  Dave knew the kids there needed real, professional care.  It was a sad environment and Dave continued to indulge in alcohol.  Somewhat understandable considering he was working everyday with children that had acquired brain injuries that will be with them for life.

A positive did come out of his time at that job.  Dave realized that he wanted, more than anything, to just help people.  From that, Dave got motivated and joined the noble profession of Policing.  Throughout his entire life, Dave had always lifted weights.  He was a natural athlete and stands well over 6 feet tall.  Dave recalls that during his days off, he would drink.  We’re not talking a small amount, like a glass of wine or something like that.  Dave would drink.  This persisted for a number of years.

Dave had smashed through a number of brick walls in his life, but what was to come was the biggest of them all.  In 2007, as Dave said, “Shit went south.”  His alcoholism had reared its ugly head for a final showdown.  The Juggernaut spat in the face of alcoholism, threw his head/ shoulders down and started charging this brick wall.  He cut it all out, using his legendary iron will.  After three days of complete sobriety Dave started feeling strange – this was withdrawal.  As with any substance that you get used to, whether it is caffeine or alcohol, when you cut it all out at once, you will experience withdrawal.  Dave’s feet were planted and he was pushing through the wall, but the wall pushed back.  Dave began to experience hallucinations – a common symptom.

The Juggernaut spat in the face of alcoholism and started charging this brick wall.

Dave awoke the following day in a hospital.  He knew it was time to go to rehab to make sure he got through this alive.  Dave’s feet were still planted firmly and the wall started to give.  Dave made the right decision and was brave enough to admit that he had a problem and seek help.  This is something not everyone can do; admit that they have a problem.  It is no secret that alcoholism is a societal issue with people from many different walks of life experiencing this addiction.  The thing that Dave candidly admitted to me that he thinks is the single best piece of advice for anyone battling this beast is that you have to acknowledge that there is a problem.  Also, that you need to acknowledge that alcohol is not something that can control you, you control it.  You have the power.

Strong Athlete Profile on Dave "Juggernaut" Haynes

As a police officer, Dave balances the stress of a dangerous job with the demands of being a bodybuilder.

While at rehab, Dave found his passion:  Bodybuilding.  He always knew that he wanted to give it a shot but it wasn’t a reality to him until he met a bodybuilder in rehab.  Dave had found a new energy in life and he promised that he would do a show when he got out.  Dave had always lifted weights and had always been an athlete, but now he was a bodybuilder.  He had the vision and the guidance.  Dave completed his time in rehab and returned to his life.  This time, Dave knew that he wanted to devote his life to bodybuilding, health and fitness.  And that’s exactly what he did.  Anyone that has battled addiction knows just how hard the pull of it can be.  Dave used his iron will to conquer this obstacle.  The brick wall crumbled and Dave kept moving forward.

Dave knew that he had to build a bigger base before competing.   Being a police officer, Dave had to make sure that he could balance the demands of his job with his dietary/training needs.  He made it work by adopting a no excuses policy.  Every meal, every training session, he got it in.  If he had to be flexible for whatever reason, he adapted.  He learned that just because you can’t get a meal in at exactly 6:30p.m. it didn’t mean you couldn’t eat it at 7:15p.m.  After long shifts, Dave would hit the gym – not the bar.

Dave knew that he wanted to devote his life to bodybuilding, health and fitness.

Dave was living the bodybuilder lifestyle.  He did his first show in 2009 and placed 3rd out of 9 heavyweight competitors.  He competed at another show 4 weeks later and finished 4th.  In 2010, Dave competed in Stratford as a Super Heavyweight, finishing 1st in his class.  He continued on to the 2010 Ontario’s and finished 5th out of 5.  Dave knew that he had to go back to the drawing board; the positive was that he had qualified for the Nationals.  In 2011, Dave acquired professional advice from IFBB Pro and contest prep guru Bob Weatherill.  With Bob in his corner, Dave finished 2nd out of 11 in the Super Heavyweights at the 2011 Ontario’s.  Currently, Dave is getting ready for the 2012 Nationals in Edmonton – projecting a stage weight of 260lbs, shredded.

Dave’s training and nutrition centers on the basics.  Nothing ridiculous, no gimmicks – just hardcore Canadian bodybuilding.  Seeing as Dave is a bodybuilder, he trains like one under the guidance of Bob keeping his reps around 10-12; the main focus of the reps are squeezing to bring out density.  In the morning, the Juggernaut gets up and punishes the step-mill.  He follows up with a diet that stays focused on the basics that work, sweet potato, chicken, rice, steak; all weighed out perfectly and to the gram.  Largely, he thanks his lovely girlfriend for preparing his food and supporting him (I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her; she is very nice and supportive of Dave).

Dave "The Juggernaut" Haynes

Juggernaut is ready to smash the field at Nationals.

Dave has come a very long way since the dark days in 2007.  Alcoholism is something that has crushed many men and women.  Dave had been drinking for the majority of his life.  It plagues people in every walk of life and it is something that needs to be taken very seriously.  Just because it is legal doesn’t mean that it is a joke.  Dave has told his story to me in the hopes of inspiring others that are battling with alcoholism to smash through their personal brick wall and make a change.  Not everyone needs to become a bodybuilder but if you have a problem, confront it.  I’ll leave you all with a few final words from The Juggernaut:  “I balance my life and my job with bodybuilding; every day I try to do it just a little bit better than the day before – I make no excuses.”


Currently, Dave is getting ready for the 2012 Nationals in Edmonton – projecting a stage weight of 260lbs, shredded.




Strong Athlete Contributor Jeff Pearce

Jeff Pearce, Editor-In-Chief

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  1. Jeff Pearce June 23, 2012 at 12:41 AM - Reply

    A huge thank you to Dave for giving me the priviledge to tell his story.

    Check back in a few weeks for pre-contest coverage of Dave’s prep!

  2. Glenn Emond June 23, 2012 at 10:31 AM - Reply

    I worked with Dave for a few years but I retired shortly after his “Shit went south”.

    I always admired his eagerness and dedication at work and must say he was an asset to the Police Force.

    I would never have recognized him in these photos had his college photo not been in this article. I am truly happy to see him make such a come back and wish him all the best.

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