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2011 was an amazing year filled with change and amazing opportunities. Even though we have been in the industry forever, we’re always blown away by how exciting it truly is. This year, the editors at Strong-Athlete would like to kick the new season off with our Strong Predictions in the world of fitness, physique sports and athletics. Here’s how we think some of the major events happening this year are going to go down. By the way, we reserve the right to change our mind at any time and will not be held accountable for anything 🙂

Here are our Strong Predictions for 2012, in no particular order:

Strong Athlete: Kai Greene will win the 2012 Olympia

  • Coach G is going out on a limb to say that Kai Greene will shock the world and dethrone “The Gift” at the Olympia in September. Coach PK thinks he’s crazy on this one by the way. Even if Kai came in the shape of his life, the old political line of “Phil’s a better representative of the sport” can easily come into play here.
  • On the Canadian scene, John “The Phenom” Aiello and Joanne Williams will carry forward the legacy of Coach Darren Oliver and win their IFBB Pro Cards at the Canadian Nationals in August. Both of these athletes have amazing potential and if they can put it together this year, we’ll be seeing them on an IFBB Pro stage soon.
Strong-Athlete: Nicole Wilkins-Lee will defend her Olympia crown
  • Reigning champion Nicole Wilkins-Lee will defend both her Arnold Classic and Ms. Figure Olympia titles. The judges really seem to love her. In Coach PK’s opinion, former champion Erin Stern will have been robbed at both shows. Erin has better structure and is much sharper conditioning-wise. Unfortunately, she will be a bridesmaid once again.
  • Also on the Canadian scene, look out for Kai Persaud, another great Darren Oliver protege to make a big splash at the Canadian Nationals and earn her IFBB Pro card.
Strong-Athlete: Expect the FDA to crack down on DMAA


  • After months of speculation The FDA will officially issue a warning to consumers about companies using DMAA (also known as geranamine and geranium) in their products, leading to its eventual removal from store shelves. Like ephedra before it, this is simply a matter of time.
  • A major fitness magazine will shut its doors, due to the ever changing media landscape. These are volatile times for traditional media. Old business models are being threatened by faster, more agile digital media publications. If the economy remains stagnant, look for one of the traditional American publications to close up shop.

Strong-Athlete: Tiger Woods & Fuse Sciences ink sponsorship deal

  • Fuse Sciences will be one of the most talked about sports nutrition companies in the industry. This start-up venture has already secured exclusive partnerships with Tiger Woods, David “Big Papi” Ortiz and Tim Grover (Michael Jordan’s former trainer). Tiger is already sporting the Fuse logo on his golf bag. If he can have a banner year in 2012, look for the stock price on Fuse to explode.

Strong-Athlete: After crushing Brock, Can the Reem beat JDS?

  • Coach G is picking Alistair Overeem to dethrone Junior Dos Santos and become the UFC Heavyweight Champion. At 6’5” and 260+ pounds of solid muscle, it’s tough to argue with him. However, speed kills. And Junior has plenty of speed and power. He’s also the best boxer in the division. It’s going to be an epic battle.
  • Coach PK says GSP will lose the welterweight crown this year to Nicky “Stockton’s Finest” Diaz. St. Pierre’s knee troubles will really impact him speed wise, which will be just enough of a hindrance for the aggression and boxing skill of Nick to win by 4th round TKO.

Strong-Athlete: Will Bolt be dethroned at the Olympics this year?

  • 2012 is an Olympic year, which means the world will get to see more of the current World’s Fastest Man Usain Bolt. They will also be shocked to see Bolt will lose the 100m crown to his training partner Yohan Blake at the Olympic Games in London. Blake is an insanely talented sprinter whose confidence is growing by the day. He may be the one man with the potential to dethrone the champ. A few days after his stunning defeat, Bolt will redeem himself and obliterate the 200m World record at the Olympic Games, going sub 19-seconds for the first time in history.

Strong-Athlete: A new CrossFit Men's Champion will be crowned


Strong-Athlete: a new CrossFit women's champion will be crowned

  • Rich Froning Jr. and Annie Thorisdottir will NOT defend their titles at the 2012 CrossFit Games in Carson, California, and a new “World’s Fittest Man” and “World’s Fittest Woman” will be crowned. Arguably the toughest fitness competition on the planet, each year the CrossFit Games grows in popularity. This also means the level of competition increases each year. As great as they are, both Rich and Annie will be dethroned by two unknown warriors who are probably training their asses off as you are sitting there reading this!

Strong-Athlete: The smart money is on Mayweather

  • The Manny Pacquiao and Floyd “Money” Mayweather fight will finally happen. Legions of Pacquiao fans will go home disappointed and the greatest pound for pound fighter of all time (that’s right haters) will retire undefeated at 43-0. That is of course assuming he gets out of jail unscathed 🙂

So there you have it. It will be very interesting to see how everything plays out. Send us your feedback – we’d love to hear what you think!



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