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Six Pack Abs Made Simple


Let’s be honest, everyone wants a lean set of six pack abs and anyone who says they don’t is lying!

Most of us got into training in the first place for one of two reasons:

1. Build arms that could rip out the sleeve of any t-shirt
2. Get a rock-hard six pack that gets noticed

Even though they might not be the greatest, most logical of reasons, they were enough to get us to the gym and start a life-long journey of health and performance.

Since the beginning of organized training and exercise, there have been thousands of books published on ‘the best way” to build an attention grabbing six pack. With so much information out there it’s so hard to figure out what is actually going to work and what is just complete bullshit.

Thankfully, we are in the results first business! We are not here to shine you on with gimmicks and/or the latest so-called quick fix solution! For example, has anyone seen these girdle devices that people are selling to tighten up the midsection? What a scam!

We’ve worked with hundreds of athletes at all levels and we’ve battled tested our protocols to ensure everyone gets superior results. We even go one step further and test everything we recommend on ourselves before we ever apply it to one of our athletes. If we haven’t done it ourselves, how could we ever truly know it works and suggest it to anyone else.

Over the years we have experimented with countless ab exercises. The majority that we have put to the test have been great but on the flip side, there are also so many ineffective, overrated ab exercises.

As the old saying goes, genius is the ability to reduce the complicated to the simple, and as coaches we constantly find ourselves following that same principle with our athletes training and nutrition.

Now, we don’t want to fool you here or deliver any false promises, the best device to build noticeable rock-hard abs is called a fork – yes, noticeable abs are built more in the kitchen than they ever are in the gym. You will need to follow a tight nutrition plan if you want to shed the unwanted fat that could be keeping your awesome abs a hidden secret.

BUT, once you drop that unwanted fat, you’re going to want to have some sort of muscle built up in the mid section if you want it to resemble anything close to a worthy six pack.

So we want to share one amazing ab exercise to get you started that we have found to deliver INCREDIBLE RESULTS!

I know the suspense is killing you but you could always scroll down and check it out… if you haven’t already! But if you did you’re going to miss out on the most important detail we are about to share in this quick fact.

QUICK STRONG ATHLETE FACT: A simple rule that we use when training athletes is to always explain the objective or purpose of the exercise or drill we are doing. For example, if the objective is to get stronger and more explosive we focus on moving weight with explosive force in a controlled, technical manner. If the objective is to build muscle, like rock-hard abdominal muscles that dramatically push through your skin, we focus on moving and squeezing the muscle more so than moving a weight with force.

This is SO IMPORTANT to understand if you want to see real results! We see so many people attempting to do great exercises, but are completely butchering the technique and objective thereby losing the majority of the benefit.

For example, when most people do ab exercises, they are usually working their hip flexors way more than their actual abdominal muscles! When isolating the abdominal muscles for maximum stimulation, you will only need a small range of motion (ROM) to produce an effective stimulus and create a noticeable result.

OK drumroll please… the simplest, most effective exercise we like to use to build six-pack abs is the Bosu Ball Crunch.

So simple and yet if done properly, so effective!

The key here is to keep the range of motion small, focus all your attention on stretching the abdominals in the eccentric (lowering) motion and squeezing and flexing the abdominals as hard as you can during the concentric (raising up) motion.

The rule here is keep it simple!

We need to point out one more small thing here, we are suggesting this exercise to specifically target the abdominal muscles, not the entire “core”. When we are focused on building the complete core we will obviously use a variety of different exercises to target the entire core system from top to bottom.

Now don’t worry, of course we have a video description of the exercise for you to watch to make sure you get all the key coaching cues right for maximum results.

You can check out this easy-to-follow video demonstration of how it’s done properly by clicking on the image below or you can watch it directly on our Strong Athlete YouTube channel by CLICKING HERE.

Here’s a sample 12-week protocol you can try. 

To get started do 3 sets of 10-12 reps 3 times a week at the end of your workout. If you don’t feel it in your abs the next day, you’re simply not doing it right.

We also like to vary the tempos to provide maximum stimulus over time. Try this tempo varying protocol over the next 12 weeks.

Weeks 1-4, start with a simple tempo of: 

2/0/1/1 – 2 seconds eccentric (lowering), no pause at the bottom, 1 second concentric (squeezing up), 1 second pause (flexing your abs) at the top.

Weeks 4-8, change the tempo up to this eccentric focused protocol:

4/1/1/1 – 4 seconds slow eccentric (lowering), 1 second pause at the bottom (stretching the abdominals), 1 second concentric (squeezing up), 1 second pause (flexing your abs) at the top.

Weeks 8-12, switch the tempo up to slow speed continuous work like this:

5/0/5/0 – 5 second slow eccentric (lowering), no pause at the bottom, 5 second slow concentric (squeezing up), no pause at the top.

Give that little protocol a try for the next 12 weeks and let us know what kind of results you get! We love seeing results!

After over a decade of working with elite athletes, we know what works, and we make it our mission to help you reach your goals and unleash the athlete in you!

For more tricks and tips to take your performance to the next level check out our blog by CLICKING HERE.

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