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Showtime for Bodybuilding’s MUTANT

If Renaldo can bring his trademark shape along with great conditioning to the CBBF Bodybuilding Championships, he’ll be extremely tough to beat this year.

The CBBF Bodybuilding Championships in Laval Quebec promises to be one of the most competiitve shows in recent years, and Toronto’s Renaldo Gairy is one of the big reasons why. Renaldo has been training under the watchful eye of Coach Darren Oliver and is ready to challenge for a coveted IFBB Pro Card. We caught up with Renaldo and Darren for a pre-contest shoulder session a few weeks before the show. Judging from his condition in the video below, it’s clear that Renaldo is right on track. If he can bring his trademark shape along with great conditioning to the big show, Renaldo will be extremely tough to beat. Check out footage of the training session below.

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