It’s time to stop spinning your wheels in the gym and start getting results now. If you really want to burn fat, build lean muscle, and get strong, it’s time to use a proven system that delivers real results fast. The Strong Athlete Personal Training System is not a one-size-fits-all, cookie cutter approach. It’s a customized program designed by our team of experts to help you improve performance, lose unwanted bodyfat, reveal lean muscle, enhance strength and get rid of nagging pain and injuries like no other program you have ever used before.

How We Coach You

  • We provide a free assessment to get a clear understanding of your goals. This includes a client questionnaire detailing your training and nutrition history, an analysis of your body composition, and several fitness tests to evaluate your strength, mobility, cardiovascular conditioning and to identify any weaknesses

  • We provide a introductory coaching session to allow you to experience how our Strong Athlete coaches can help take you to the next level of your potential

  • We design customized workouts specific to your goals and coach you through each phase of the training session, starting with a dynamic warmup, a strength and/or musclebuilding phase, a metabolic conditioning phase, and a mobility phase

  • We provide nutrition recommendations and guidelines that complements your training and accelerates your results, with the opportunity for further detailed custom nutrition programming

  • We monitor your performance and make regular adjustments to your program to help ensure you achieve your goal(s).

Strong Athlete Personal Training Packages are ideal for:

  1. Elite Performance Athletes In All Sports

  2. Weight Management & Weight Reduction

  3. Musclebuilding & Strength Enhancement

  4. Injury Rehabilitation and Pain Management 

  5. Bikini, Figure & Fitness Competitors

  6. Physique & Bodybuilding Competitors

  7. Combat Athletes

  8. Law Enforcement Officers

Results You Can Expect

  • A physically intense and mentally challenging training program

  • Increased strength & muscle endurance

  • Rapid bodyfat reduction without starvation diets or excessive cardio

  • Lean, functional muscle gains

  • Increased mobility and pain relief from chronic injuries

  • Increased core strength & core stability

  • Increased cardiovascular conditioning

  • Enhanced physical wellness and increased energy

Personal Coaching Sessions

Single Coaching Session: $150/session + HST

Kickstarter Personal Coaching Package

10 Session Program: $135/session + HST

Silver Personal Coaching Package

25 Session Program: $125/session + HST

Gold Personal Coaching Package

50 Session Program: $115/session + HST

Platinum Personal Coaching Package

75 Session Program: $105/session + HST

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