We have been doing performance mindset and lifestyle coaching professionally for 11 years now. Even for many years before that we were coaching and guiding many people through the mental and emotional challenges that they face from performance and the difficulties of everyday life.

Being a competitive athlete as a young man, I had to deal with the stress, anxiety, fear, doubt, uncertainty along with all the other rollercoaster of states that show up preparing for a big match. Living through it myself sparked my interest to learn more and go deeper into what it takes from a mindset standpoint to be successful during difficult times. I have been studying, researching and implementing advanced mindset techniques since way back in 2001. In 2009, I took a mindset and lifestyle coaching certification and I have been practicing professionally ever since.

Even though I specialize in helping athletes deal with the stress and challenges of being a world-class competitor, I have also coached a wide variety of individuals such as executives, doctors, lawyers, students, parents and even other coaches all over the world. Whatever someone is dealing with, the strategies and techniques I use are universal and can be successfully applied to countless situations.

I have also had the pleasure to present my approach to mindset coaching at a number of big conferences to help as many people as possible improve the way they manage their mindset.

I believe deeply in the universal connection between the mind, body and spirit and when any one of those areas are compromised, the whole system will suffer. With that said, it’s critically important that you put your energy into taking care of your physical health, your mental health and your spiritual connection with everything around you. Just like how you feed your body affects your physical health, what you feed your mind with will affect your mental health, so be conscious of the quality of what you watch, what you read and the conversations you have with others.

– Coach Gaetan Boutin

How We Coach You

  • We provide a free assessment to get a clear understanding of your challenges. This includes a client questionnaire detailing the challenges, roadblocks and barriers that you are facing.

  • We provide a introductory consultation session to allow you to experience how our Strong Athlete mindset coaching can help take you to the next level of your potential

  • We help you develop strategies and techniques to deal with the anxiety, fear, doubt, uncertainty and limited thinking that are preventing you from realizing your full potential

  • We provide further reading and education recommendations and guidelines that complements your mindset coaching to accelerate your results

Strong Athlete Mindset Coaching is ideal for:

  1. Performance Athletes In All Sports

  2. Students

  3. Executives

  4. Professionals: Doctors, Lawyers, Entreprenuers

  5. Parents

  6. Coaches

  7. Anyone who wants to change their behaviours to achieve more

Results You Can Expect

  • A new perspective on possibilities for your life

  • Strategies to mange fear, stress, anxiety and doubt

  • Breathing techniques to help you calm your nervous system

  • Tactics to help improve your self-talk for enhanced wellbeing

  • Vision setting to help you establish fulfilling and satisfying goals

  • Behaviour modification processes to create heath habits

Personal Mindset Coaching Sessions

Single Coaching Session: $135/session + HST

Kickstarter Personal Mindset Coaching Package

10 Session Program: $125/session + HST

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