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Score Fighting Series 7: Live Results

|By: Big Jeff Pearce|

Tonight, the Strong-Athlete crew will be at the Score Fighting Series 7 in Hamilton, Ontario covering the action, jab by jab.  Part of our commitment to our readership is to provide quality content.  As such, we will be trying something new this weekend; we will be providing live results for this event starting at 7 p.m. on November 23, 2012.  Be sure to look out for post-fight interviews in the coming weeks.

Below, you will find our live results blog:

Paul Jalbert vs. Oliver Vadnais

First Round:  Jalbert’s first time in the cage looks comfortable, early striking, Oliver controlling the fight against the cage.  Oliver with wicked elbows, gets a takedown; 1:53 left.  Paul gets up, taking damage, against cage.  Oliver gets another takedown, gets side control.  Back into guard.  30 sec left.

Second Round:  Paul opens w kick, standing up; looks gassed.  Oliver had Paul against the cage, Paul switches up, controlling fight for first time.  Oliver bleeding.  Paul grinding Oliver against the cage still.  Paul slips, loses position; 1 min left.  Round finishes with Paul against cage.

Third Round:  More of the same.  Paul and Oliver split control against the cage, shots exchanged.  Paul gets a takedown and takes back with 45 sec left.  Does some damage.  Great fight for both fighters.

Paul Jalbert wins by unanimous decision.

Rory McDonell vs. Desmond Green

First Round:  opens up with a nut shot on Green.  Shakes it off, striking continues.  Rory gets taken down and attempts arm bar.  DG drops Rory on his head, escapes.  Green on top for remainder of fight until a successful submission @ 4:41.

Rory McDonell wins by submission (arm bar).  Strong-Athlete submission of the night!!

Adam Assenza vs. Tommy Cote

First Round:  Adam opens up with a vicious flurry, takes Tommy’s back, attempts rear naked.  Rolling… Loses back control.. Remainder of round is a mix of Adam on top striking hard and Tommy attempting arm bars but not getting very close.

Second Round:  Opens with striking, Adam throws a flurry and falls ontop of Tommy.  This position is maintained for the remainder of the round with Adam attacking from on top and Tommy doing what he can from the bottom; only once briefly switching.

Third Round:  Opens with striking, Adam quickly gets a takedown.  Transitions to his back and attempts a rear naked choke again, unsuccessfully.  Remainder of round is what we’ve already seen, Adam on top striking and Tommy defending and doing what he can from the bottom.

Adam Assenza wins by unanimous decision

Elias Theodorou vs. Ali Mokdad

First Round:  striking back and forth, Mokdad controlling the centre.  Elias puts Ali against the cage, takes him down, brutal elbow.  Elias passes guard to side and gets the back.  He holds on until 15 sec left, they stand up.  Elias puts Ali against cage, exchange strikes, round ends

Second Round:  Striking back and forth, Elias attempts a single leg takedown but transitions to a knee then puts Ali against cage.  Remainder of round is Elias on top of Ali, raining down strikes.  He keeps covering Ali’s mouth and going for body body head shots.

Third Round:  Elias gets a big takedown, has Ali against the fence; again covering the mouth and throwing shots.  Ali tries to get up and Elias slams him.  Elias continues with the same strategy landing some huge shots, another brutal elbow and ends off the round with a basty blizzard of strikes.

Elias Theodorou wins by unanimous decision.  His record is now 6-0-0.

Ryan Dickson vs. Brandt Dewsbery

Hometown favorite Ryan Dickson did not disappoint his legions of fans, winning by submission in the 2nd round.

First Round:  Opens with striking, Ryan catches a kick, takes down Brandt.  Ryan gets full mount, goes to the back all while throwing some nice ground and pound.  They roll, but Ryan gets on his back again.  Rolls around and Ryan gets his back again, criwd is going nuts.  Brandt has wrist control, he loses it – tries to stand up, falls back down.  Round ends with a rear naked choke but the round ends before the tap.

Second Round:  Throwing hands, Brandt clearly doesnt want this back on the ground; pushes Ryan against the fence.  Goes to the ground with Ryan on top.  Brandt gets his back somehow and then somehow  Ryan gets his back, unbelievable.  Attempting rear naked choke.  Brandt is doing a good job of controlling those hands/wrists.  Ryan grinds and gets the tap.

Ryan Dickson by submission (rear naked choke).

Jason Saggo vs. Iraj Hadin

First Round:  Iraj and Jason exchange leather and Iraj puts Jason against the cage.  Jason takes control and they wind up on the ground where Jason is glued to his back attempting multiple rear naked chokes, and that is how the round ends.

Second Round:  round opens up and Jason takes Iraj to the cage, then gets his back – again.  They stand up and Ihar has control against the cage, then they exchange blows and Iraj lands a nice combo and they go back to the ground.  Jason is on his back again.  They roll, Jason stays on.  Jason pulls off a rear baked choke and his music, kung-fu fighting sounds over the speakers.  Fantastic finish.

Jason Saggo wins by rear naked choke.

Alex Ricci vs. Kevin Morin

First Round:  kevin very aggressive, flurry to takedown.  They stand briefly but go back down.  Ricci tries sub, gets slammed.  Kevin Morin is on top, they stand against the cage with Kevin in advantage and dirty box, Ricci cuts Morin above the eye.

Second Round:  Open up trading leather.  Ricci landing more accurate punvhes and kicks, using leg kicks and quick jabs.  Body kick from Ricci, Morin takes him down.  Ricci gets up easily.  Morin has Ricci against the cage; Ricci landing some dorty knees and elbows.  Ricci switches positions with Morin now against the cage.  they go to the centre of the ring, content to finish the round banging.

Third Round:  Morin comes with aggressive striking and aatempts a takedown, unsuccessfully.  They’re both against the cage and Morin starts taking knees, he puts his hand on the floor.  They go to the centre of the ring, trade leather and Ricci puts Morin against the cage and then Ricci throws two quick rights dorectly to Morins temple.  Morin scores a takedown, gets Ricci against the cage.  Ricci gets up, hes against the cage throwing knees to the head.  They finish off the round slugging eachother, they go to the ground and the bell rings.

Alex Ricci wins by unanimous decision.  What a war.

Will Romero vs. Tristan Johnson

Tristan Johnson edged Will Romero in an epic rematch between two warriors.

First Round:  These two come out just throwing combos back and forth, Romero throwing inside leg kicks.  Tristan pops Romero and stuns him, he falls to the ground.  They scuffle but stand up.  The remainder of the round was Tristan exerting his  striking over Romero.

Second Round:  much like the first round, Tristan continues to sit in the pocket and bang, getting the best of the exchange.  Romero is landing a few.  By the end of the round, they were both trading evenly, Romero has clearly recovered from the knock down.  Very exciting stuff.

Third Round:  Like all the other rounds, they open up banging, only this time Tristan is throwing kicks And lands a monster leg kick.  They continue trading until about 2:20 where Romero stuns Tristan, he recovers.  They keep sitting in the pocket and trading, Romero lands a monster uppercut.  Tristan goes for the takedown and gets it.  They stand back up.  It’s miraculous these guys havent died of exhaustion.  They continue banging until the bell.

Tristan Johnson wins by split decision.

Jesse Ronson vs. Ryan Healy

First Round:  Ronson gets the better of the stand up.  They tie up and Ronson lands a beautiful left hand.  Healy puts Ronson against the cage and this theme continues.  They strike and Ronson gets the better and Healy puts him on the cage or takes him down.

Second Round:  Ronson landing some nice high kicks, lands a beautiful flurry on Healy.  Back to the centre, Ronson continues to win the striking battle.  Healy takes Ronson down but he gets back up and ends up on top of Healy at the cage.  Standing again, Ronson lands a nice body kick.  2 minutes left.  Ronson rocks Healy with a flying knee, can’t finish him, they go to the cage, where Healy holds Ronson.  Ronson gets Healy to the ground and lays some shots.   Healy seems still hurt by the knee.

Third Round:  head kick fromRonson rocks Healy.  Ronson keeps landing punches, nice uppercut and a brutal kick.  Another exchange and Ronson lands a mean knee, Healy’s had enough and takes him down.  Healy tries a guillotine, fails, Ronson gets up.  Healy is gassed.  He lands  a few jab cross combos, Ronson fires back.  Ronson lands a leg kick that knocks Healy down.  Standing now, they continue to trade.  Kick to the midsection hurts Healy, multiple Head kicks and knee from Ronson.  They end off just firing at each others heads.  FIGHT OF THE NIGHT!

Jesse Ronson wins unanimous decision.

Jordan Mein vs. Forrest Petz

Jordan Mein, on loan from StrikeForce, totally dominated his opponent, winning by TKO in the 1st round.

First Round:  Petz initiating the striking, both connecting.  Both ducking under eachothers punches.  Mein grabs the back of Petz head and just feeds him punches, he falls down and Mein keeps doing it.  He’s throwing elbows, you can see that Petz is totally  out and not fighting back.  But, Yves Lavigne isn’t calling the fight.  Everyone in the crowd keeps yelling and he finally ends it.

Jordan Mein wins by TKO.

Main Card

  • Jordan Mein vs. Forrest Petz
  • Jesse Ronson vs. Ryan Healy
  • Will Romero vs. Tristan Johnson
  • Alex Ricci vs. Kevin Morin
  • Jason Saggo vs. Iraj Hadin
  • Ryan Dickson vs. Brandt Dewsbery

Preliminary Card

  • Elias Theodorou vs. Ali Mokdad
  • Adam Assenza vs. Tommy Cote
  • Rory McDonell vs. Desmond Green
  • Paul Jalbert vs. Oliver Vadnais
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