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Q&A with IFBB Figure Pro Larissa Reis

Exclusive Interview with Larissa Reis (Strong-Athlete.com)

| By Big Jeff Pearce |

From the pages of Playboy to Muscular Development, IFBB Pro Larissa Reis is everywhere; thank God for that!  Currently, Larissa is a Nutrex sponsored athlete and is the owner/operator of www.LarissaReis.net.  Through her website, she provides a number of services, everything from personal training and nutritional consultations to both men’s and women’s apparel.  In addition to her website, you can find her on Facebook (/LarissaReisInc) and Twitter (@LarissaR_IFBB).

Before we delve into the interview, I would like to thank Larissa for taking the time out of her schedule to do this interview.  It is a hectic time for her considering she is competing in Figure at the 2012 Europa Supershow in Dallas, Texas on August 17th & 18th.

Here. We. Go.

JP:  Larissa, thank you very much for taking the time out of your show prep to speak with me today.  Let’s start from the beginning, what was it like growing up in Brazil?

LR: It was magical and beautiful.  I always loved my country, the weather, the food, the people, everything!  I miss it a lot… and I remember it a lot too.  But I have the luck to be able to travel there from time to time to see my family/friends that I love and to revive it all again.

JP:  What did you do before you got into Figure?  Were you always an athlete?

LR: I have always been connected with sports and this lifestyle, since I was very young.  It has been my passion for many years now and it continues to be.  So this, when combined with my natural athleticism, created many opportunities for me (including being chosen to be a Playmate and to do fitness modeling work).  But as you all know, I also love to travel (since always!) and to learn from other cultures; when I was younger I went to school and earned a degree in Tourism and Hotel Management as well.

Strong-Athlete.com Interview - Larissa Reis

Larissa will be competing at the Europa Supershow in Dallas Aug 17-18.

JP:  You turned pro in 2007 in Barcelona.  Did you have sponsors knocking down your door immediately after you got your pro card? 

LR: Not instantly, this is a very hard achievement and also a very important one for us athletes.  But after a few times, I got several proposals from different supplement companies.  I decided to go with the best and sign with Nutrex after their invitation 3 years ago. I couldn’t be happier 🙂

JP:  When prepping for a show, do you ascribe to keeping the carbs in or do you go full out ketogenic?

LR: I like to eat clean mostly year round.  When prepping for a show I am just very strict, and don’t eat any cheat meals.  Also, I up the cardio.  It works really well for me. But yes I keep carbs on my diet, they are already modestly low.

JP:  Where are you going to be competing next?

LR: My next show is very close!  It will be the Europa Supershow in Dallas, Texas on August 17-18.  I invite everyone to come support me!

JP:  Have you ever had any injuries that you had to train around or get over?  What strategies did you use?

LR: I have been very lucky, nothing serious for me!  But my advice, depending on the type of injury of course, is to go very light on training.  If we push too hard training, it can become even more serious than it is already.  Unfortunately, as athletes, we can’t ignore this; sometimes we really need to stop training to heal completely.

JP:  What supplements do you use?  Are there any supplements that you suggest for contest prep?

LR: It is very important for me to have good supplements to help me daily in my achievements.  When I am in pre-contest, it can be very difficult mentally.  It is essential to have a good mood and extra energy for not only workouts but throughout the day.  Lipo 6 UC and Hemo-Rage (UC/Turbo Shots) really shine in those departments.  Along with the protein powder Muscle Infusion, I use the new product BCAA Drive to fulfill my amino acid needs.  I also use my new baby Defy, intra-workout.  It helps recovery, hydration and gives me that extra edge!  Finally, when I am in off-season, I add Volu-Gro to my supplement staples as well.  Nutrex Research is the best out there, go check it out!

Larissa Reis Interview - Strong-Athlete.com

Lipo-6 Ultra Concentrate plays a big role in Larissa's contest prep.



JP:  What advice do you have for up and coming figure athletes?

LR: Never stop dreaming and know that nothing is impossible! Always surround yourself with positive people and positive energy.  Search for inspirations and for what ignites you to keep you going strong; either if it is music, athletes, and so on.
Finally, work every day HARDER than the last; put your mind AND your body 100% into it.

JP:  You offer online nutritional consultations, do you specialize in helping figure athletes and dialing in physique athletes or do you help out anyone that needs it?

LR: It is for all people (but more exclusively women), regardless if they are just starting in this lifestyle or if they are already athletes.  I have a lot of options for everyone to choose from.  If anyone is interested in help with diet and/or training or just need more information you can check my website (www.larissareis.net) and contact me from there.
I am really passionate about this, I simply love to help!  Girls, it will be tough but I assure it will be worth it! :

JP:  What can you tell us about your blogs?

LR: My blogs are a way to keep my fans updated on what I do, where I travel and what happens in my life.  I love that part of my job!  I really, really enjoy doing them a lot.  More to come soon, so stay tuned!!

 JP:  How long have you been sponsored by Nutrex?  What other sponsors do you have?

LR: I have been with Nutrex for 3 years now, and very happy with it.  We are a real family!  I am also sponsored by Better Bodies and Suits by Amy, all the best in the business.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for all the HUGE support they give me daily, 24/7; they are always there for me no matter what and it means a lot!
I always do my best to represent them the best I can and I will continue to do it always.. We are together!

Q&A with IFBB Pro Larissa Reis

"I have been sponsored with Nutrex Research for 3 years now, and very happy with it. We are a real family."

JP:  Is Zack Khan really a monster or is he a big teddy bear?

LR: Both! Ha Ha! He is really big regarding his size; however, he is also an awesome and kind person.  I am glad I know him and that we are part of the same team.  When our Nutrex family is all together it is amazingly fun!  I am always looking forward for the next time.

JP:  What was it like posing for Playboy?

LR: I am very grateful for having been chosen to be a playmate and for posing for Playboy.  It was an outstanding and very unique experience!

JP:  Have you ever considered trying to cross over into mainstream movies?

LR: Since you mentioned this, it is something that sometimes comes to my mind! I would love to take part in an Action movie (even a small role), and to be a Bad Ass Chick in it. Lol!  I have a few actors that I would love to work with someday. Who knows??

JP:  You’ve got some interesting tattoos, which one is your favourite?

LR: Honestly, I can’t choose any favorite since I love them all.  Lol.  But I can say that the one that people seems to notice and like most is the Maori tribal tattoo on my arm.

JP:  You’re a Buddhist, how has that influenced your views on competition at the highest ranks in the IFBB?

LR: I am a very spiritual person and it helps me a lot in every aspect of life; either in competition or daily life.  It is very important to work not just the body but the mind as well!  I have learned a lot and continue to do it every day more, this is the beauty of life. We always must be strong, be positive and be honest.  This is my way of living.

Exclusive Interview with IFBB Pro Larissa Reis

"I am a very spiritual person and it helps me a lot in every aspect of life."

JP:  Do you have any upcoming projects where we can see you?

LR: A lot of interesting things in the works for the future!  I never stop, I am living my dream!  Just wait for it.

JP: Thanks for spending the time doing this interview Larissa! 

LR: Thank you for the support and this opportunity, it is always an honor to be able to do these interviews, answer these questions for my fans to read and to know more about me.  Finally, I am very grateful for contributing to such great community as Strong-Athlete.com!!

Xoxo, Larissa Reis

Strong Athlete Contributor Jeff PearceJeff Pearce, Editor-In-Chief

Big Jeffrey Pearce, is a physical culture writer, editor, personal trainer, and a lifetime natural bodybuilder from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  He has been bodybuilding and strength training since he was 16 years old and remains a dedicated gym rat to this day. Big Jeff is one of the strongest athletes you will ever meet, routinely bench pressing 500lbs and tossing up 150lb dumbbells for reps in a typical workout. An honors graduate from the University of Toronto, Jeff’s brains also match his brawn. Jeff has a passion for writing and has been in featured in Muscular Development.  Jeff also coaches high school kids on the benefits of strength training and nutrition.

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