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Q&A with YOGA Expert Amy Lynn Grover

Playboy Model & Yoga Expert Amy Lynn on Strong-Athlete.com

|By Vince Pe|

I was first introduced to Amy Lynn Grover a few years ago when I signed her to be the female lead for a sports nutrition product called BioGenetix.  Little did I know that this Toronto-born fitness model would grace the pages of countless magazines, calendars, appear on radio shows, and many television projects as a multi-talented fitness celebrity!  For anyone in the Toronto GTA area that doesn’t fully recognize Miss Grover, yes, she is the face on the Extreme Fitness flyers that you receive in the mail regularly.

Now living in Los Angeles, to further everything in her career, she has an impressive resume under her belt.  Some of the highlights include Playboy, numerous modeling/acting spots, and even hosting 3 seasons of HD Net’s extreme adventure show – “Get Out.”  Despite all of her previous accolades, Amy Lynn Grover is continuing to excel in fitness and her other passion, yoga.  Over the next few months, we will be treated to see a lot of her projects come to fruition such as a fitness DVD and a line of yoga clothes. The sky is certainly the limit and we at Strong-Athlete.com will continue to follow her rising career.  Here we go!

Q.  Amy, whether you are the face of Extreme Fitness or a representative for different supplement companies; you have been linked to fitness for a very long time.  Where did your love of fitness begin and why is it so important to you?

A.  Fitness is something that has always been a part of my life.  I suppose you could say my love for fitness was ingrained in me before I even knew what I was into.  I started when I was really young. I was in dance lessons as soon as I could walk and playing T-ball as a little tyke.  I’ve remained active throughout all the years in pretty much every sport and variation of dance available to me – I really couldn’t imagine my life without it!  Being active makes me feel amazing both physically and mentally.  If I don’t get in a good sweat a few times per week, I just don’t feel  right!

“I suppose you could say my love for fitness was ingrained in me before I even knew what I was into.”

Q.  A few years ago, you made the transition from Toronto to Los Angeles to expand your career. With respect to your career, can you share with us the main differences that you have discovered in L.A. as opposed to Toronto?

TV Host & Playboy Model Amy Lynn Grover on Strong-Athlete.com

"I've been practicing yoga for over 16 years now and its helped me tremendously in life and in my modeling career."

A.  Toronto is an amazing city and I completely miss it for so many reasons, especially my friends and family.  When I first came to L.A. 8 years ago, I knew it would only be a matter of time before it would become home. L.A. is the entertainment, health and fitness Mecca of the world.  I don’t think there really is a comparison to Toronto.  People here are completely into it and they are fanatical!  I hate to say it but I might have become one of them (HA!).  The warm weather completely supports a healthy, fit lifestyle that is conducive for outdoor activities.  I believe that kind of lifestyle is also very conducive for eating right.  People here are very conscious about their diet.  Literally, every restaurant you go to, even if it’s a not-so-healthy BBQ or a full-blown steak restaurant, you can get pretty much whatever you want fresh made to order.

“L.A. is the entertainment, health and fitness Mecca of the world.”

Q.  I know you have an adventurous spirit and it was made very clear when you hosted 3 seasons of HD Net’s “Get Out.”  What was it like to find out you were going to host a show that really fit your lifestyle?

A.  I was incredibly excited for the job, it was a dream come true, Get Out couldn’t have been more perfect for me!!  Filming the show was so much fun.  We were always traveling to some exotic place and doing things I’d just been dying to try forever… SKYDIVING was AMAZING!!!

Q.  I know that you have been involved in a number of different sports, what were they and did they make the transition to fitness easier? 

A.  There really was no transition into fitness and health, I’ve always been super active– like I said earlier, since I was a kid, I was participating and competing in everything available to me. Sports such as baseball, volleyball, basketball, skiing, snowboarding, figure skating, synchronized swimming, gymnastics, track, long distance running, circus school (trapeze and silks) and all kinds of water sports from kayaking, canoeing, windsurfing to water skiing.

Q.  Can you elaborate more on your gymnastics and trapeze experience? Silks and those kinds of “Cirque Du Soleil” skills aren’t an everyday thing.  How’d you get into that?  

A.  Call me crazy but I love this stuff.  It’s so much fun!  I have a real appreciation for beauty of the arts and I find that yoga, dance, gymnastics, trapeze and silks are all very similar in nature.  I especially love doing kid-stuff like flipping upside-down and stretching out – the type of stuff most kids do without even thinking twice, yet, as adults we get restricted by our body’s/mind’s capabilities.
Q.  You are easily identified as a fitness expert and model. Over the last few years, you have changed gears and are now a yoga expert. Why the change?

A.  I’ve been practicing yoga for over 16 years now and its helped me tremendously in life and in my modeling career (i.e. body awareness and becoming comfortable in my own skin). And, I can’t forget to mention what it has done for my body on the outside. I love and being able to share yoga with others so I took a few super, intensive courses to deepen my practice and, of course, be official.

 “I believe in a fit lifestyle, making “yogi” choices and having a balance of everything is so important to living.”

Q.  Yoga is being adopted by people or all different walks of life.  Can you tell us more about your yoga practice and what would you consider yourself more of now – a yoga or fitness expert?

A.  I’m very passionate about health and wellness in general.  I believe in a fit lifestyle, making “yogi” choices and having a balance of everything is so important to living.  Too many people are out of whack when it comes to a balance of anything from diet, exercise, fitness, work,  alcohol and leisure time. My yoga practice over flows into my lifestyle, I generally do everything in moderation.  That way I can have my cake and eat it too (without any guilt or bulge)!

Yoga Expert & Playboy Model Amy Lynn Grover on Strong-Athlete.com

"I love a challenge more than anything. The feeling I get from a rush of adrenaline is just incredible."

Q.  What scares most people seems to really excite you.  You’re definitely an adrenaline junkie!  What gives you the biggest rush?

A.  I love a challenge more than anything.  The feeling I get from a rush of adrenaline is just incredible.  When it comes to extremes, it’s always a little bit scary to push that edge.  But, that’s where the magic happens.  When you reach that point of “discomfort” and arrive on the other side of it.  That’s the part that makes it so exciting and fun!

Q.  Amy, I know you have a bunch of projects ready to go. Can you share any exciting ones that you’ll be a part of?

A.  I just finished filming a new fitness DVD and infomercial series.  It is for a brand-new fitness brand called Body LX360. Something else that I’m very proud of is a new yoga line called YogaBlu that I’m going launch.  It is a sub company of www.bludem.com.  All the clothes are made out of bamboo.  This means that the manufacturing process uses significantly less water than cotton (40 gallons vs 800 gallons per T-shirt).  All of this can be found on my website http://amylynngrover.com.

Q.  Last question – who inspires the multi-talented Amy Lynn Grover and why?

A.  My parents inspire me for so many reasons, but especially because they’ve held on and supported each other (they’ve been happily married over 40 years now). They’ve stuck by my side, believed in me even when I knew they thought what I was about to do was impossible.


Amy Lynn Grover is hot, smart and driven!  A true Strong-Athlete.  A big thank you to her for taking the time out to participate in this interview!



"Strong Athlete Contributor: Vince Pe"Vince “Fitness Financier” Pe

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