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Product Review: HAYABUSA Mizuchi Fight Shorts

I picked up a pair of these shorts the other day and I thought I would let you guys know what I thought about them. Hayabusa is one of the leaders in MMA gear. They pretty much make everything you need when it comes to training including fight shorts, rash guards, gloves, shin guards, headgear and street clothing. In my opinion, Hayabusa leads the industry in quality and innovation. In an industry where most companies are simply concerned about street fashion, Hayabusa engineers products for real fighters who are in the gym training hard.

The Mizuchi Fight Shorts are one of three different styles of fight shorts made by Hayabusa. I liked these ones initially because of the awesome looking design. But once I started training in them I realized that these shorts more than just sick looking. I’m very picky when it comes to fight shorts so I was quite happy when I found a pair that was both functional and fashionable. Hey no one ever said you couldn’t look good kicking some ass.

The shorts have built in stretch panels as seen here to maximize range of motion. They are also triple stitched for superior strength and durability. Click to enlarge.

The Mizuchi Fight Shorts are designed with the perfect weight, rip resistant stretch fabric. Hayabusa calls this fabric “Mechanical PolyDirectional” fabric. But regardless of what it’s called, the fact is, it works great. The stretch helps with movement and feels great for high kicks. Most fight shorts I have used in the past don’t have this stretch ability and to me it’s an absolute must. On top of that, the shorts have side stretch and split panels, which helps the range of motion even more. The shorts are also triple stitched for superior strength and durability.

One of the great features on these shorts as well is the waistband system. The waistband is lined with a rubber grip band that helps to keep the shorts in place while training. This is really effective during grappling for you and your training partner. The last thing you want is your shorts coming down in the face of your training partner. They also have a drawstring with a Velcro closure for added support.

As shown, the shorts have a great drawstring and double velcro closure system. Also, the waist band is lined with a rubber grip that band that helps keep the shorts in place while training. Click to enlarge.

Another great feature about these shorts is that the material is designed with an odor inhibiting technology. Trust me, if you sweat like I do when training, you can appreciate this. And if you’ve ever had to roll with “that guy” who stinks something fierce, you can have confidence recommending these shorts to him without being too rude.

The REEM looking large while rocking a pair of Hayabusa Mizuchi Fight shorts.

So overall I really like these shorts. They are by far the best fight shorts I have trained with to date. They are available in both black and white options. If you’re looking to pick up a high-quality pair of training shorts and are willing to spend a little more to get the best, these are the shorts for you.

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