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Contest Training with Figure Star Neda Zand

If you plan on attending the WBFF World Championships this year, keep your eyes open for figure competitor Neda Zand. This protege of Coach Darren Oliver is ready to make a major statement on stage. Neda brings the total package for figure – shape, symmetry and just enough muscle to impress the judges. With so much talent, this years WBFF show will be the toughest competition to date, and look for Neda to be right in the mix of things. We caught up with Neda and Coach Darren for a pre-contest back workout and to interview them about their experience preparing for this show. Intensity is the name of the game when you train with Coach Darren, and this workout was no exception. They attacked the back from multiple angles with heavy weight and lots of volume. Most importantly, Neda performed each exercise with strict form to really target specific areas of the muscle. During our interview with Neda and Coach Oliver, it became clear to us that Neda is one of the most dedicated athletes we’ve met, and is clearly committed to achieving her goal of turning pro. After watching her train in this exclusive feature, we’re pretty sure that you’ll agree. Best of luck to Team Oliver at the WBFF World Championships and watch for much more of Neda in the future.    

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