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Choose from either our completely customized online coaching program where we work one-on-one with you to develop the perfect program that’s specific to your individual needs. Or you can choose from one of specific training programs depending on your athletic or fitness goals. Each training program is designed with your unique needs in mind. Whether you choose our customized coaching service or one of our proven training programs, you’ll get exclusive access to our personalized cutting-edge training app where you can access your workouts, track your progress and watch exercise video demonstrations – all from the convenience of your smart phone!

Who the Hell Are We and Why Should You Care?

We are Coach Gaetan and Coach PK, former and current National level elite athletes, world-class performance coaches and the founders of Strong Athlete. Our mission is to help athletes realize their infinite potential.

We provide world-class coaching on mindset, strength training, conditioning, sports specific training, nutrition, injury prevention and rehabilitation.

We are dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of every individual we have the privilege of coaching.

We take a no-nonsense approach – you won’t find any shortcuts here.

We believe that scientific principles that are also battle tested in the real world, are the best way to achieve superior results.

With 40+ years of experience competing and coaching at the highest level, we know what works.

We are genuinely committed to helping athletes and “athletes-at-heart” become the best version of themselves.

I Need More Details. How Exactly Does Online Training Work?

When you sign up for a Strong Athlete Online Training Program you will be able to get started immediately! You’ll receive an email to set up your personalized account on our online athlete platform. Once that’s complete, you’ll be able to download the Strong Athlete custom training app directly onto your smartphone.

Our cutting-edge customized training software app will deliver your monthly training programs directly to your smartphone and/or computer. In your personalized account, you can track your workouts, watch detailed exercise videos to learn proper exercise technique, monitor your rest times and use our instant messaging service to receive regular tips and tricks to take your results to a whole new level. With our online training system, we can give you what you need, when you need it.

When you sign up and join our Strong Athlete Team you will finally have all the support and guidance you’ve ever needed to take your body and performance to its highest potential.

Once you start training with our exclusive Strong Athlete training app you will never want to train any other way again!

When you sign up and join the one of our Strong Athlete Online Training Programs you’ll get:

  • Your own personalized Team Strong Athlete membership account
  • Exclusive access to our Strong Athlete smartphone app where you’ll be able to:
    • Track your personal stats including weight, measurements and progress photos
    • Access the monthly cutting-edge workouts
    • Detailed exercise video descriptions to make sure your form is on point
    • Track all your workouts including sets, reps, weights and rest times to maximize your progress and results
    • Receive regular tips and tricks from us to ensure your ongoing, long-term success!

The workouts in our Strong Athlete Online Training Programs have been developed from our countless years of working hands on with world-class amateur and professional athletes. Each month you’ll receive a brand new training phase that includes a complete warm up, detailed training program including exercise selection and sequence, set, rep and tempo recommendations as well as prescribed prehab and mobility work to keep your body running like a finely tuned machine and all for far less than you’d pay for a personal trainer at your local gym!

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