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NEW Anderson Silva Nike Commercial

UFC Middleweight champ and pound-for-pound king Anderson Silva was recently showcased in a new kick-ass Nike commercial. The new ad is part of Nike’s “Find Your Greatness” campaign and was shot in Silva’s home country Brazil. The ad is significant for mixed martial arts on several levels. For years, Nike remained on the sidelines of MMA, observing the growth of the sport and waiting for the right time to get involved. Presumably they thought the sport was too violent, too barbaric and may have even questioned the long-term viability of the sport. Now it’s clear that times have changed. Nike has joined the mixed martial arts universe in a major way, securing sponsorship deals with major stars as Jon “Bones” Jones and of course the Spider himself. As former martial arts practitioners and life-long fans of MMA, we’re proud to see the sport become part of mainstream culture and to see stars like Anderson be rewarded for their great accomplishments. Check out the latest ad in the Find Your Greatness campaign featuring Anderson Silva below:

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