Leg Depletion Workout From HELL

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Leg Depletion Workout From HELL

US Olympic weightlifting coach John Broz said in a recent interview that “the lifter that can endure the most pain will be the most successful.” We’re sure Coach Darren Oliver would agree. In preparation for the Ontario Bodybuilding Championships, Coach Oliver took Junior Bodybuilding star Brad Denniston through an absolutely insane leg depletion workout.

The method to the madness is to eliminate as much glycogen from the muscles as possible, before supercompensating with carbs just prior to the contest. This way, when the athlete steps on stage, the legs are in optimal condition. To complete a true leg depletion, the athlete has to suffer through a period of little to no carbs, all while training with high volume and as much intensity as possible. Brad went through round after round of leg extensions, leg presses, lunges, and bodyweight squats for what seemed like an eternity. When all was said and done, Brad had completed over 1000 total reps!

Witness the carnage for yourself. And keep an eye out for Brad in the not too distant future. At just 19 years of age, this former motocross athlete has the drive and the discipline to go really far in the sport of bodybuilding.

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