Is Passion Bull$hit?

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Is Passion Bull$hit?

Everyone is always talking passion this and passion that when it comes to success.

“You need to find your passion”… blah blah blah… how many times have you heard that one?

And it feels like everyone and their dog are posting these passion quote images on social media every five minutes right?

Well it’s time to put passion in its place.

Now don’t get me wrong, I think that passion is important and you will need it to fuel you from time to time.

However, I believe that it’s more important to focus on finding your PURPOSE rather than your passion if you’re looking for long-term success.

Passion is energy based which means some days it’s going to be high and some days it’s going to be low.

So if you’re relying on passion alone to push you day in and day out you’re going to fall flat on your face because you won’t be able to keep the pace up.

Basically all this passion talk is exhausting!

Purpose on the other hand does not require high energy to produce a result, it requires consistency.

For example, it’s my purpose that gets me out of bed in the morning or motivates me to work late if I need to, not my passion.

Because often times my “passion energy” is running low from a long day or late night, however I can just turn to my purpose and that reminds me it has to get done because it’s important. That’s how I push through.

So how do you find your purpose????

I honestly believe that all human beings share the same basic purpose, and that’s to help others.

Yes it’s that simple, your purpose is to do your best to make the lives of others around you better in whatever way you can.

Of course, you have to take care of yourself first because if you’re not in a good place then you won’t be very effective at helping others.

How you help others will look different from person to person and that’s ok.

We’re not all going to be running a charity or curing diseases but whatever you’re doing from day to day should serve some sort of positive benefit to the human race and to the planet.

For the athletes I coach, I often have to remind them that even though it might seem like competing in their sport is just their passion in action, the bigger picture is that they are serving the purpose of inspiring younger athletes to follow their dreams.

So spend some time figuring out your purpose and use that as your daily driving force to live an extraordinary, fulfilling life instead of always relying on all this passion stuff 🙂

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