Mindset: Your “Why” Is Everything

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Mindset: Your “Why” Is Everything

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Whenever we start working with a new athlete or client, we always begin with an introduction interview. The main reason for this is to gauge the mindset of the person because we are huge believers in the role that mindset plays in someone’s short- and long-term success.

If you haven’t heard about our Strong Athlete 5 Factor Approach to Elite Performance you can check it out by CLICKING HERE. The starting factor is mindset first and foremost and then everything works off that.

The first question we always ask is “WHY”? Why do you want to get in shape? Why do you play hockey? Why do you want to be a fighter? Why do you want to compete?

Basically, we want to know why you want to put yourself through the never-ending challenge of becoming superhuman. Because when you know your “why” you can then endure any “what”.

Your why will push you to go to the gym when you’re tired. Your why will help you choose green vegetables over donuts. Your why will tell you to go to sleep when all your friends are going out drinking at the bar.

Sometimes we will spend a whole session just on this one question. We will drill down to the root until we arrive at an answer that is solid, grounded and has legs to stand on. It’s the foundation we will need to build on.

Once we lay down that incredible base, then, and only then, can we build something impressive that can reach the stars!

And this foundational first concept is our approach for all things performance related.

Before you can perform advanced exercises in the gym we need to build your movement base.

Before we get too extreme with manipulating your nutrition, we need to build a solid, balanced macronutrient base.

Building Strong Athlete Superhumans is a long-term process to us. There are no quick fixes.

We have heard many answers to the why question over the years, but when the dust settles, there’s really only one true answer that will suffice: Because I love it!

Don’t go to the gym to workout because you hate your body and want to change it. Go to the gym because YOU LOVE YOUR BODY and you want to take care of it!

Don’t go train because you think you are weak or slow or out of shape… go because you love getting stronger, go because you love getting faster, go because you love being a high performance athlete and you love feeling great!


We are huge believers in the role that mindset plays in short- and long-term success.

Doing this simple mindset shift from, “I have to” to “I love to” will completely change everything for you!

When you make this shift, results will come into your life with ease, and more importantly you will be far more fulfilled with your results.

This also applies to your food choices as well! It’s pretty rare that someone truthfully says, I love myself so I’m going to drink pop and eat junk food.

When you have love for yourself and for your body it’s so much easier to make healthy food choices. I love feeling good so I will eat high-quality food that’s good for my body and makes me feel great!

When confronted with a choice, it’s easier to choose the best option if your mindset and your “WHY” is clear.

Here’s how to get started today:

  1. Ask yourself “why” you train, “why” you eat the things you eat and drill it right down to the bare bones. Make sure your answer includes something along the lines of: for myself, for my health, because I love who I am.
  2. Next, write out on paper (yes, on that white stuff with a primitive device such as a pencil or pen) your why in as simple a statement as possible. An example would be: I workout and eat right because I love feeling good today and everyday.
  3. Finally, post this piece of paper somewhere in your home or office where you are forced to read it and see it everyday, like on your fridge or mirror.

There are many different opinions out there of how long it takes to make a change or create a new habit. Most people will say it takes 21 days to make a change. Yes, there is research on this, but I prefer our answer instead: It takes 1 second for the rest of your life to make a change.

Meaning, it only takes 1 second to decide you are going to change, then you have the rest of your life to stick to it.

So make that decision to change, then start doing it right away even if it’s just small steps at first.

In the absence of clarity is confusion, so get clear on why you do what you do and you will immediately start reaping all the benefits of being superhuman!

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