How FIT Is Your Nutritionist?

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How FIT Is Your Nutritionist?

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There are so many “certified nutritionists” out there today but how many of them should actually be giving nutritional advice? In reality, it’s not that hard to get certified, but just because someone takes a weekend seminar or does an online course it doesn’t mean you should be listening to their advice on nutrition let alone paying them for it. Now don’t get me wrong, there are many really good nutritionists who can actually help you change your eating habits, get you in shape, and improve your health. However, before you sign up and pay someone to counsel you on nutrition, make sure you interview him or her first.

Before you spend go ahead and spend your hard earned money on a nutritionist, make sure they can "talk the talk" AND "walk the walk".

First thing is, are they in shape? Let’s be honest, how many “nutritionists” have you seen on talk shows and stuff who are borderline obese? I see this way too often. It’s ridiculous in my opinion. The fact is, anyone who is giving nutrition advice should be comfortable giving it in their underwear because they are in great shape. If they are not lean, it’s obvious that they either don’t practice what they preach or their techniques are not very effective. Why would you want to pay someone who doesn’t live the lifestyle they are selling? Just take a look at them, if that’s not how you want to look, then don’t waste your time working with them.

If your nutritionist doesn't look the part, don't waste your time. Find someone else.

Don’t be afraid to ask them questions such as, “How did you get into this business?” or “How long have you been helping people improve their nutrition habits?” If they don’t pretty much talk your ear off about how they’ve always been into eating well and that helping people get into shape is something they have always done in some way then you should probably look somewhere else. Don’t be fooled by fancy advertising, lab coats or overblown certifications. If they look the part, chances are they live the part and they can help you. If you’re considering getting a nutritionist to help you change your eating and change your life, follow my simple advice here and you will be successful. Good luck!

A REAL nutrition expert has no problem giving advice in his or her underwear 🙂



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