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Game Changer : GAMEDAY #2

Coach Steph easily demonstrating clapping pushups before the start of Game Changer: GAMEDAY #2

One recent Friday night a diverse collection of elite athletes, about 50 in total, gathered at an indoor sports complex in North Toronto to battle for fitness supremacy. These athletes were highly accomplished in their respective sports,  including basketball, Crossfit, marathon running and martial arts. They all came to test themselves by completing a workout designed by Game Changer founder and elite trainer Stephanie Ho. This workout was divided into six eight-minute rounds with a two-minute break and involved countless reps of explosive hops, jumps, lunges, squats, burpees, and pushups. Needless to say, this was unlike anything many of these athletes had ever experienced. Game Day #2 would push them to their physical and mental limits, and then some.

After six rounds of intense action, the top two teams faced off for the final team challenge: 250 Burpees for time!

The athletes were put into three-person teams and all scores were recorded by a team of Game Changer volunteers. After an intense battle in which everyone gave it their all and left everything on the field, the competition came down to a faceoff between the top two teams. Their reward for making it to the finals? A winner-take-all challenge of 250 burpees for time. In the end it was the team led by Game Changer star athlete Felix Zhang who managed to edge out the highly touted MOFO’s team led by Peter Fong. Check out highlights of the footage below and stay tuned for an even bigger and better Game Day #3!

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