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Fix Ugly Texting Flamingo Neck

I call it ugly flamingo texting neck for obvious reasons!

Could you imagine coming across a Viking from back in the day looking all weak and submissive like that??

What an embarrassment to mankind. We used to be the ultimate predators and now we are becoming flamingo neck prey.

So many people in the world are becoming so weak and fragile, it’s really sad in my opinion…

But there’s still hope if we take action now to right the ship before it’s too late.

The upper back is such a common area of weakness and underdevelopment for so many people these days and it’s creating a whole mess of physical issues including neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain and terrible posture.

To help get you back on track and get to business strengthening this area of concern I am going to share a nice little upper back focused strength circuit using only a single red strength band as seen below.

You can do this quick session ANYWHERE as long as you have your trusty band and some where to hang it.

No need for rocket science exercises or equipment here, as a matter of fact it’s so-called rocket science technology that has created these postural problems in the first place!

Here’s your Strong Athlete Upper Back Band Strength Circuit

1. Band Pull Aparts x 12 reps @ 2/0/1/0 Tempo
2. Band Face Pulls x 12 reps @ 2/0/1/0 Tempo
3. Band Neck Pulls x 12 reps @ 2/0/1/0 Tempo
4. Band Seat belts x 12 reps @ 2/0/1/2 Tempo
5. Band Rows x 15 reps @ 2/0/1/2 Tempo

Do 3-4 rounds with 90 seconds rest after each round.

Try doing this at the end of any workout or on its own atleast once a week for the next 6 weeks.

Here’s a quick reminder of how our tempos work…

2/0/1/1 – 2 seconds eccentric (lowering or lengthening the muscles), no pause at the bottom, 1 second concentric (contracting the working muscles), 1 second pause (keeping muscles activated) at the contraction point.

2/0/1/2 – 2 seconds eccentric (lowering or lengthening the muscles), no pause at the bottom, 1 second concentric (contracting the working muscles), 2 second pause (keeping muscles activated) at the contraction point.

QUICK FACT: A simple rule that we use when training athletes is to always explain the objective or purpose of the exercise or drill we are doing. For example, if the objective is to get stronger and more explosive we focus on moving weight we explosive force in a controlled, technical manner. And if the objective is to build muscle, like a rock-hard abdominal muscles the push through your skin, we focus on moving and squeezing the muscle more so than moving a weight.

This is SO IMPORTANT to understand if you want to see real results! We see so many people attempting to do great exercises, but are completely butchering the technique and objective thereby losing the majority of the benefit.

That’s why we have a video description for each exercise for you to watch to make sure you get all the coaching cues right for maximum results.

You can check out the easy-to-follow video demonstrations below of how it’s done properly or you can watch it directly on our Strong Athlete YouTube channel by CLICKING HERE.


After over a decade of working with elite athletes, we know what works, and we make it our mission to help you reach your goals and unleash the athlete in you!

We are here to help you so tell us what your goals are, what you’re struggling with, and how we can help you by CLICKING HERE!

Coach Gaetan

Strong in Mind, Body and Spirit

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