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Fight Preview: UFC Macau

|By Big Jeff Pearce|

The UFC has made it clear that they have the intention of expanding throughout the globe and penetrating markets everywhere.  November 10th, 2012 in Macau, China at Cotai Arena will be an example of that expansion.  UFC Macau (a.k.a. UFC on FUEL 6) will be available through a number of mediums at different times throughout the day.  For full listings of options to view this card, you can visit the UFC’s official page here.  For those of us in Ontario, SportsNet will be airing the fight at 7:00 p.m.  If you’re so hardcore that you can’t wait until the evening, it can be streamed at 9:00 a.m.

Not the deepest fight card for the first foray into a massive foreign market like China, UFC Macao still has some potential to have some great fights.  The first of such is the headlining fight Franklin vs. Le.  No one was really asking for this fight or even saw it coming but it is definitely an interesting match-up.  Cung has much less experience than Rich, but they are about the same age.  They are both strikers, Cung being a bit more unconventional than Rich; we can expect a mostly stand up fight.  Both of these fighters have won the majority of their fights through TKO/KO or decision, Cung never having won a single fight by submission.  One of the most telling details when comparing their records is Wanderlei Silva.  Rich won in a decision victory and Cung lost by TKO/KO in the second round.  There are very few things we can guarantee in the fight game, one of them is that this will be mostly a stand-up match and that someone is gonna get a hurt real bad.

The Co-Main Event is Silva vs. Nedkov.  Thiago is up against the cage on this one having suffered a litany of losses over his last 5 fights, losing 4 of them (1 decision overturned due to a falsified urine sample).  Thiago could very well be fighting to stay in the UFC here.  Thiago will be fighting Stanislav Nedkov, a 12-0 undefeated fighter with one UFC TKO/KO win to his record.  Nedkov shows a well-rounded record, having a good number of submission and TKO/KO wins to his record.  Will he have the skill to take out Thiago?  We’ll find out on Saturday.

Mac Danzig, The Ultimate Fighter 6 winner, will be taking on Takanori Gomi – a real veteran of the game.  The secret to success for Mac will be taking this to the ground and attempting to submit Taka.  Mac has certainly had some issues putting together a string of victories in the UFC, if he wins this fight, it will be the second time that he has gone on a two fight win streak.  His longest win streak is two wins.

The remainder of the card features fighters like Alex “Bruce Leeroy” Caceres, Jeff Houglund, Takeya Mizugaki and the list goes on.

Here’s a quick teaser video for the event:

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