How Professional Sports Almost Killed Him

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How Professional Sports Almost Killed Him

Most people idolize professional sports and look at the athletes who play them as heroes who live the perfect life being the lucky ones who have it all!

But everything isn’t always as it’s advertised to be…

We recently had the pleasure to interview former NHL hockey player Daniel Carcillo on the Strong Athlete Life Podcast show who has a different story about playing professional sports for 12 years, one that’s missing a lot of the sunshine and rainbows.

In this episode, Daniel shares his powerful story about how he barely made it out of professional sports alive after suffering from multiple traumatic concussions, substance abuse and self destruction.

This is the most powerful episode we have ever recorded on the show and it’s an important story to hear for both players and parents, and even coaches, who have aspiring dreams to make it to the pros – seemingly at any cost.

The road to the top is not always a beautiful, envious thing and the terrible coaching and abusive traditions that are often the gateway to the pros needs an overhaul.

Daniel talks about the life-changing healing that he has experienced by seeking out non-traditional forms of natural treatment using plant based sources such as mushrooms and cannabis.

A big thank you to Daniel for being so open and honest about his journey of glory and devastation to where he is now in his life as an advocate for former NHL players who are suffering from post-concussion syndrome and mental health issues.

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