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Coming Back From An INJURY

If you’ve been in the game of training and competing in athletics for some time, chances are you’ve had some injuries. If you haven’t had a major injury yet, I hate to break it to you, but at some point you will. Injuries are part of the game, it happens to even the best athletes. They are not easy to deal with, and they can be emotionally and mentally draining but the good news is that the injury will heal up and you’ll be back to fighting form before you know it. I’ve put together some key tips that are used by the best athletes in the world to help you get back in the game as soon as possible.

Keep in mind that this is soccer – not too sure if this guy is hurt or acting!

Take your TIME
Patience is the first and possibly the most important tip I can give you. You’re an athlete and you’re used to training like a machine at a hundred miles an hour, but when an injury occurs you have to pull your foot off the accelerator for a minute and assess your situation. If you can’t train a certain way while the injury is healing, so be it. Don’t try to rush back to the gym and fight through it. Chances are you’re just going to end up causing more damage to the injury and ultimately prolonging the recovery time even more. Take your time, let the injury heal and get full clearance before you start training the injured area.

Always seek the best therapists when rehabbing an injury – they’ll get you back to 100% FAST.

Work With Only the BEST Therapists
This is so important and I can’t stress it enough. You’re not a normal person who slipped on the walkway and sprained your ankle, you’re a high performance athlete and you need the best therapists and rehab specialists available to make sure you’re doing all the right things to get back to training and competing. The wrong therapist can have you back training too soon causing re-injury or they can hold you back from training for too long preventing the injury from rehabbing and rebuilding properly. Find a therapist who only works with high-level athletes. You might have to pay a little more but in the end it’s worth the investment. Ask around and get references. Make sure the therapist has a good track record and is notorious for producing the best results possible.

Have No FEAR
It’s very common to be hesitant and afraid of re-injury when you get back into training. However, this can be a very big problem. When you’re afraid your body is generally more tense and you will have a hard time committing to going all out to execute a skill. This can be very dangerous and increases the risk of another injury dramatically. Clear your mind of doubt. Have confidence in your therapist. If they tell you that you’re good to go then listen to them and go for it. It’s not going to be easy but once you go all out and realize that everything is better, you won’t be afraid and you will get back into game shape sooner.

A simple foam roller is one of the best injury prevention tools you can buy.

Make a PLAN and Follow it
Having a plan is extremely important when rehabbing an injury. The plan will help you stay focused on achieving mini targets and goals. Achieving each goal will help you see progress and build your confidence. If you don’t have a plan you could be going out too hard at first or not going hard enough. Both instances can be detracting to your recovery. Since you have chosen the best therapist, you can be confident that they will outline the right plan for you. They will give you specific exercises to do, and make sure you DO THEM. Listen to their direction and guidance and you’ll be back in the game stronger and better than ever!

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