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Coaching With Love

I am fortunate to have the amazing opportunity to coach a wide variety of athletes who compete in a number of different sports.

Since I don’t specialize in any one sport, all my athletes have their own sport/team coaches and whether it be hockey, boxing, martial arts, rugby, baseball, football or whatever, I get to experience the effects from the various coaching styles of all sorts of coaches.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many good coaches out there, however the majority of coaches that I have come across in my years just haven’t quite figured it out in my opinion.

Most coaches use a fear based model to coach their athletes – meaning they create a power hierarchy where the athlete basically fears the coach.

Believe it or not, most athletes actually don’t respond well to coaches who try to intimidate them and use that power position to make the athletes do what they want.

If you’ve been around sports at all you’ve seen this approach – aggression, yelling, insulting, basically boardline bullying.

This is old school coaching in my opinion and times have changed.

Most likely these coaches were coached that way themselves so they get stuck in the belief that that is the only way to coach if they want to get the most out of their athletes.

Well, I see it differently.

When I coach athletes, I always come from a place of love.

And because my athletes know this, we are able to build real trust.

AND TRUST makes all the different in the world in my opinion.

With trust comes open communication and through open communication, you can make incredible progress.

When your athletes don’t trust you enough to tell you what they are dealing with deep down, then how would you ever be able to make the necessary corrections to take them to the next level?

I see way too many coaches who fail to build real relationships with their athletes and it limits their potential to truly help them, and isn’t that what coaching is all about?

Rather then using the old school military approach to breaking the spirits of athletes, I choose to build trust, build a relationship and open up communication to teach them, guide them and help them overcome barriers to get to the next level.

Now don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a cake walk, my athletes work hard, in fact they work hard with purpose and drive.

Not because I’m yelling at them but because we have already identified together what they truly want, what they are willing to sacrifice to get it and of course, how hard they are prepared to push.

When you have trust, have a real relationship and come from love, you would be surprised at how much more you can actually get out of your athletes!

So to all you old school angry coaches, sprinkle in a bit of love and see how much more you will get out of your athletes!

Coach Gaetan

Team Strong Athlete
Strong in Mind, Body & Spirit


About the Author:

A co-founder of Strong Athlete and former national level athlete, Coach Gaétan is a world-class performance coach and functional movement master who has worked for many years with elite professional and amateur athletes and individuals who want to take their health and performance to the next level. From cutting-edge strength & conditioning design and advanced sports nutrition protocols, to elite athletic performance mindset coaching, Coach Gaétan delivers incredible results for his extensive clientele. Coach Gaétan also specializes in addressing and treating chronic and acute injuries that keep hard-training individuals from achieving their full potential. To work with Coach Gaetan, email him at

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