Strong Athlete: FIGURE Competitor Rose

  Team Pro Sport Conditioning client Rose recently competed at the Ontario Figure Championships held during the Toronto Pro Super Show. Rose brought her best ever package to the stage, displaying a great combination of conditioning and detail. Strong-Athlete.com captured her entire experience, from the backstage nerves to the intense [...]

The REEM Documentary (Episodes 10-12)

Alistair "The REEM" Overeem returns to Strong-Athlete.com for the final installment of Season One of the REEM documentary. Alistair recently competed in the Strikeforce Heavyweight tournament against Fabricio Verdum. The fight was an interesting chess match, pitting the otherworldly striking skills of the REEM against the elite grappling ability of [...]

2011 Reebok CROSSFIT Games: Canada East

Strong-Athlete.com recently caught up with some of the best CrossFit athletes in Canada at the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games, Canada East Regionals. The action-packed event consisted of six grueling workouts spread out over three days, and tested all aspects of fitness, ranging from strength, power, stamina, skill, flexibility [...]

The REEM Documentary: Episodes 7-9

In the latest installment of the REEM documentary we follow Alistair Overeem to Seoul, South Korea as he enters the K-1 Heavyweight Tournament. Alistair is a rare breed of martial artist that has proven to be world class at two disciplines - kickboxing and MMA. Making the transition between both [...]

Canada: OLYMPIC Weightlifting Championships

Strong-Athlete.com recently traveled to our old childhood stomping grounds in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada to cover the 2011 Canadian National Olympic Weightlifting Championships. Held at the Olympic Weightlifting facilities at Variety Village this year, the Nationals showcased the best weightlifters in the country. A few of these athletes (both men and [...]

1-ON-1 with CrossFit Athlete Dave Lipson

Strong-Athlete.com recently caught up with CrossFit athlete Dave Lipson at a CrossFit challenge during the UFC Fan Expo. We captured highlights of his winning performance and he also took some time to share with us his overall philosophy on training. Dave is one of the strongest CrossFit athletes out there, [...]

A GREAT Exercise to Prevent Shoulder Issues

If you’re a hard training athlete who has spent time in the weight room, chances are that at some point you have had to deal with a shoulder injury.  Few things are as frustrating as making lots of progress in the gym, only to tweak your shoulder and start back [...]

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