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Lemon Water – The SUPERHERO of Alkalizing!

| By Coach JVB | I’m a huge advocate of Lemon Water in the morning! I believe it’s very important to ‘break-the-fast’ properly after a night sleep. Lemon water acts as a natural detox and gets your digestive juices going and ready to break down food. It’s also very alkalizing [...]

ADVANCED Nutrition: My BioSignature Experience

| By Nadine Shaban | Recently I had the opportunity to study under Charles Poliquin at his revolutionary Biosignature Modulation course. This was my second time attending the course, and I’ve decided to detail my personal experience throughout the 5-day event. Also, many people are on the fence about spot [...]

SUPERFOODS You Should Be Eating Now

Blueberries are rich in anti-oxidants and have all sorts of cancer-fighting properties. Research has also suggested that blueberries have anti-aging properties. They are especially great for fighting inflammation. If you’re an athlete, you have and will suffer from inflammation at some point. Use the power of good nutrition with foods [...]

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