Mental Toughness: The Winning SECRET of Elite Athletes

  All world-class champions have something in common and it’s not explosive speed or freaky strength, as important as they are. What all champions have in common is superior mental toughness. They have an ability to dig down deep and deliver incredible performances time and time again. But how do [...]

Hydrating for PEAK Performance

|By Dr. Christine Davis| Proper hydration is imperative for optimal health, superior body composition and maximum athletic performance. Without proper hydration, your body will become dehydrated, limiting your ability to function at peak capacity. You lose water throughout the day when you breathe, sweat and go to the bathroom. The [...]

STRONG Survivor: Robin MacGowan Star Profile

 |By Vince "Fitness Financier" Pe| I managed to catch up with my dear friend, fitness competitor Robin MacGowan, shortly after her Pro Card win at the 2011 WBFF Worlds. Robin is one of the most determined and inspiring people I have ever met. In this exclusive interview for Strong-Athlete, Robin [...]

By |January 10th, 2012|Articles|

ADVANCED Nutrition: My BioSignature Experience

| By Nadine Shaban | Recently I had the opportunity to study under Charles Poliquin at his revolutionary Biosignature Modulation course. This was my second time attending the course, and I’ve decided to detail my personal experience throughout the 5-day event. Also, many people are on the fence about spot [...]

1-ON-1 with CrossFit Athlete Dave Lipson recently caught up with CrossFit athlete Dave Lipson at a CrossFit challenge during the UFC Fan Expo. We captured highlights of his winning performance and he also took some time to share with us his overall philosophy on training. Dave is one of the strongest CrossFit athletes out there, [...]

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