Official Generation IRON Movie Trailer

Bodybuilding fans and fitness enthusiasts of all levels will be pleased to hear that 2013 will be the debut of  Generation Iron, a feature length documentary about modern day professional bodybuilding. This film is essentially a follow up to the cult classic Pumping Iron, which introduced the world to future [...]

Weight Cutting Research On Young Athletes

|By Dr. Marco De Ciantis| Weight cutting is a common occurrence in many weight-classed competitive sports, such as boxing, martial arts and wrestling as a means for athletes to make a weight category. Tension, dizziness, headaches, and confusion have been associated with rapid weight loss (RWL) as a direct result [...]

Leg Training with Figure Star Anita Kus-Roberts

Rising Figure star and contributor Anita Kus-Roberts gave us a sneak preview of her physique 10 days out from the Ontario Natural Championships in Hamilton. Anita has completely revamped her body and is looking to make a major statement on stage.   httpv://

SARS, Immune Boosters & Sugar Makes You Stupid

|By:  Big Jeff Pearce| SARS Like Virus & Immune Boosters: Recently, I was doing some of what you youngsters affectionately call ‘surfing the internets’ and I happened upon some interesting stuff.  One of the first things that I stumbled upon was that there was a small resurgence of a SARS [...]

By |October 22nd, 2012|Archives|

Lemon Water – The SUPERHERO of Alkalizing!

| By Coach JVB | I’m a huge advocate of Lemon Water in the morning! I believe it’s very important to ‘break-the-fast’ properly after a night sleep. Lemon water acts as a natural detox and gets your digestive juices going and ready to break down food. It’s also very alkalizing [...]

Mental Toughness: The Winning SECRET of Elite Athletes

  All world-class champions have something in common and it’s not explosive speed or freaky strength, as important as they are. What all champions have in common is superior mental toughness. They have an ability to dig down deep and deliver incredible performances time and time again. But how do [...]

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