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Catching Up With Fitness PRO Pedi Mirdamadi

WBFF Fitness Pro Pedi Mirdamadi

| By Vince “Fitness Financier” Pe |

Pedi Mirdamadi is one of the fastest rising fitness stars in the ultra competitive WBFF Pro Fitness Model category. This newly appointed WBFF Pro also runs a successful resource business for Fitness and Nutrition with fellow WBFF Pro and brother – Paul Mirdamadi. With over 10 years of experience, The Optimal You is changing the lives and physiques of all of their clients. Check them out at

For 2012, Pedi’s competitive side is at 110% as he prepares to step onto the WBFF World Championship stage this August after obtaining his Pro Card in Edmonton. Being a very good friend of mine, Pedi was kind enough to take some time out of his busy schedule to provide a feature piece for us at Here we go:

Strong Athlete Feature on Pedi MirdamadiQ: Pedi, you are now a WBFF Pro. What can we expect as you prepare for your first pro show this August at the WBFF Worlds?

You can expect me to bring a physique that blows out the physique I brought to the WBFF Edmonton Championships, which won me 1st place. I have made significant gains in all areas, especially my abs, and we all know that abdominal development is crucial in the fitness model category. The amazing thing about this sport is that there is no limit to what’s physically attainable. You can always get leaner, bigger and stronger. This past year I have been focusing on getting my body’s pH in the optimal environment. Enzymes, which are responsible for carrying out a ludicrous number of biological processes at any given moment, function best at a specific pH. Getting my body into that range, by means of supplementation and dietary modifications, greatly accelerated the muscle building and fat loss process for me.

The amazing thing about this sport is that there is no limit to what is physically attainable.

Q: Your brother Paul will be competing against you on stage. I know the both of you are extremely close. Will your mindset change when you’re on stage together?

Not really. I badly want Paul to place well and there are a few reasons why. First, nothing makes me happier than seeing my brother excel. Second, if he does well it likely means that I will do well as we have such similar bodies. Third, energetically speaking, what you wish upon others, you receive.

Q: Aside from being up against a great physique like your brother’s, you also have to contend with so many other top athletes from around the world. Where is your mindset at knowing that you will be up against other athletes that have an incredible hunger to win the show you want?

This past year I have taken my training intensity to another level.  At its base,  this sport is nothing more than mind over body.  Strengthening my mind, through several meditative techniques, has allowed me to push my threshold for pain to another level.  Physiologically, that pain is indicative of lactic acid build up in the working muscle, and the more lactic acid means greater growth hormone release.  Fantastic!

I feel truly blessed to be able to step on stage against some of the best physiques in the world.  After training for 10 years now, and having done 4 WBFF shows, I feel like I have the necessary experience to step on stage against the Pros and hold my ground.

This sport is nothing more than mind over body. Strengthening my mind has allowed me to push my threshold for pain to another level.

Q: You and your brother, Paul, are the proud owners of The Optimal You. Can you tell us what The Optimal You is all about and how it came to WBFF Fitness Pros Pedi and Paul Mirdamadifruition?

The idea of The Optimal You came to us about 2 years ago when Paul and I realized that not only do we have a vast amount of knowledge on health and fitness, but a willingness to share this wealth of knowledge.  Having our Honors Bachelors of Science and Masters of Science in Kinesiology has provided us with a solid science background, allowing us to understand health and fitness on a deeper level.

With time, the constant praise that we got from those we helped provided us with a great feeling of satisfaction; reinforcing the fact that it is helping others that makes us happy.  In a society plagued by obesity we take great pride in playing an active role in battling this growing epidemic and being ambassadors of health.  At The Optimal You, we make custom workout and diet plans according to questionnaires that we administer.  Check us out at and sign up as we are planning great expansions for the fall of 2012, where we will be opening up our video archive which will contain 100s of videos on workouts, meals, supplement science, FAQs, and countless other topics.

Q: Who inspires Pedi Mirdamadi and why?

My greatest inspiration would have to be Arnold Schwarzenegger.  I consider Arnold one of the most successful people of the past several decades.  Arnold not only was arguably the most dominant bodybuilder of all time, but he became one of the greatest action heroes Hollywood has ever seen, and to add to that became the governor of California.
He is first hand evidence that if you understand and abide by the laws of the universe, anything is possible.

Q: You’re becoming an inspiration to many aspiring physique athletes yourself.  How has your life changed since last year?

My life, for the most part, has remained the same since last year.  I am currently finishing my Masters of Science degree in Kinesiology and working on the video archive which will be opening up on  One thing that has changed since winning the WBFF Edmonton Championships back in October is that I have received increased recognition in the industry.  Through Facebook and our website people from all around the world are expressing interest in our services.  We are very passionate about sharing our knowledge with others and take great pride in doing so.  Seeing others making drastic transformations, or simply better themselves to any extent is a very rewarding experience for us.

My greatest inspiration would have to be Arnold Schwarzenegger – I consider him one of the most successful people of the past several decades.

Strong Athlete Interview with WBFF Pro Pedi MirdamadiQ: What is your favorite body part to train and why?

I would have to say that it is chest.  Nothing compares to the pump I get from a solid chest workout.  A few years ago, my chest was one of my weaker points.  It really
motivates me to see how far it has come.  Plus, I really enjoy pressing exercises.  I love the challenge of seeing how much I can push each day.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to share with us, Pedi!  Good luck this year at the WBFF Worlds. We’ll be right there supporting you!

WBBF Pro Pedi Mirdamadi Stats



Competition Weight


Offseason Weight


Years Training


Bench Press

275 x 12


375 x 12


405 x 12

Favorite Cheat Meal



"Strong Athlete Contributor: Vince Pe"Vince “Fitness Financier” Pe

Vince Pe, founder of the Fitness Financier, has spent the last ten years in the fitness and bodybuilding industry. He has worked for some of the most prominent sports nutrition companies in North America, dealt closely with the IFBB, NPC, WNBF and WBFF organizations, and managed some of the industry’s top athletes, including Mr. Olympia champions. Vince will be a regular contributor with feature interviews from some of the most interesting personalities in bodybuilding, fitness and martial arts. For more info about Vince, check out his company website at


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