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A co-founder of Strong Athlete and former national level athlete, Coach Gaétan is a world-class performance coach and functional movement master who has worked for many years with elite professional and amateur athletes and individuals who want to take their health and performance to the next level. From cutting-edge strength & conditioning design and advanced sports nutrition protocols, to elite athletic performance mindset coaching, Coach Gaétan delivers incredible results for his extensive clientele. Coach Gaétan also specializes in addressing and treating chronic and acute injuries that keep hard-training individuals from achieving their full potential. To work with Coach Gaetan, email him at

Like A True Champion Coach PK Wins Gold At Nationals!

It was another incredible performance from our very own Coach PK this past weekend as he took to the Powerlifting stage at the Canadian National Championships in Calgary! For those of you who are not familiar with Powerlifting, it’s a world-class competition where athletes perform a maximum single rep in [...]

The Benefits of HIGH Altitude Training

High Altitude training is not a new method - I’m sure you’ve heard about it many times before. Many athletes from a wide variety of sports (boxing, track & field, rowing etc.) base their pre-competition training camps in high-altitude locations like Big Bear California, Denver Colorado, or Albuquerque New Mexico. [...]

Mental Toughness: The Winning SECRET of Elite Athletes

  All world-class champions have something in common and it’s not explosive speed or freaky strength, as important as they are. What all champions have in common is superior mental toughness. They have an ability to dig down deep and deliver incredible performances time and time again. But how do [...]