We build world-class champions. It’s just that simple. Our High Performance Athlete Coaching program is a fully integrated system tested and proven to help take your performance to a whole new level. We coach amateur and professional athletes of all sports such as hockey, baseball, football, basketball, boxing, lacrosse, mixed martial arts, tae kwon do, alpine ski racing, Ironman, powerlifting, CrossFit and so much more. With over 40+ years of competing and coaching, we know what it takes to become elite. Each of our athletes is treated with the highest standard of care. At Strong Athlete we pride ourselves on producing a positive, thriving environment of coaches and like-minded athletes to ensure that everyone is being supported to grow and improve everyday. We are with you every step of the way to ensure you achieve the goals that you work so hard for.

What is Strong Athlete High Performance Athlete Coaching?

Elite athletes use Strong Athlete High Performance Athlete Coaching to enhance their physical and mental potential to compete at the highest levels of sport. Developed by our team of human performance specialists, the Strong Athlete High Performance Coaching addresses the five critical factors to achieving elite performance:


Unlike most other athlete training programs, the Strong Athlete High Performance Coaching takes into account ALL these areas of performance where development is necessary to become the best possible athlete and to realize your infinite potential. When an athlete is developed in each of the five factors, you have all of the necessary ingredients to reach the pinnacle of success in any sport.

Using our time-tested Strong Athlete High Performance formula we have coached elite world-class athletes in countless sports and at every level including:

  • Amateur Athletes
  • National Athletes
  • NCAA Athletes
  • International Athletes
  • Professional Athletes
  • Aspiring Olympic Athletes

How Does Our High Performance Athlete Coaching Work?

The foundation of our High Performance Athlete Coaching program is rooted in our detailed and ongoing athlete assessment protocols. We spend a significant about of time going deep on the five factors of performance with our athletes to consistently assess and address where an area might be lacking at any given moment and then develop the necessary plan of attack to improve overall performance.

Each Strong Athlete program is customized to your specific performance goal such as increasing strength, improving speed and agility, building muscle, losing fat, improving athletic performance or recovering from an injury.

In addition, each Strong Athlete receives a customized performance nutrition program, tailored to your specific goal (i.e. athletic performance, fat loss, muscle gain etc.). Each plan is designed based on the following parameters:

  • Calorie requirements
  • Food quality
  • Macronutrient needs (protein, carbohydrates, fats, fibre)
  • Micronutrient needs (vitamin and mineral requirements for perforance)
  • Hydration
  • Supplements
  • Food preferences
  • Food allergies & intolerances

Your training and nutrition programs are completely individualized and are designed to help you achieve maximum results as fast as possible. We are with you during every step of your journey to provide motivation, support and our many years of experience.

Furthermore, we spend time working one-on-one with you to develop critical performance mindset strategies to help you overcome the mental challenges that come with performing at the highest level. Our elite coaches are trained to help you work through all the common mental challenges including fear, doubt, anxiety, focus, confidence and goal setting. We believe that training the mind is just as important as training the body in order to achieve greatness.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

As you progress through the Strong Athlete High Performance Athlete Coaching, we guarantee you will achieve the following results:

Enhanced Athletic Performance: Our system will help you build sport-specific strength, speed, power and stamina so that you can succeed at the highest levels of competition.

Improved Mindset: We provide time-tested mindset strategies to prepare you mentally to be a dominating force at the highest level of sport.

Dramatic Strength Increases: Our proven strength & conditioning system will increase your functional strength so you can be elite at any level of competition.

Increased Speed and Agility: Using scientifically developed approach to strength development along with strategic technical and calculated speed work, you will develop blazing speed and quickness.

Increased Explosive Power: Our proven strength & conditioning system will increase your explosive power to dominate in your sport.

Increased Lean Muscle: The Strong Athlete High Performance Athlete Coaching is proven to help you build lean functional muscle using scientifically proven training methods and cutting-edge nutrition programming.

Rapid & Sustained Fat Loss: Using the Strong Athlete High Performance Athlete Coaching, you will improve your body composition by burning unwanted body fat safely without excessive training or depleting starvation diets!

Higher Work Capacity: Train harder, train longer and be a dominating force in your sport by able to set a pace that your competition can’t keep up with.

Enhanced Recovery: We program specific recovery days and protocols into your development program to ensure that your body feels great and is recovering properly so that you can keep getting at it in the gym and in your sport training with a relentless pursuit while limiting the risk of injury.

It’s time for you to take your athletic performance to the highest level and realize your infinite potential.

We are here to help so contact us today for an initial assessment.

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