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ADVANCED Nutrition: My BioSignature Experience

| By Nadine Shaban |

Recently I had the opportunity to study under Charles Poliquin at his revolutionary Biosignature Modulation course. This was my second time attending the course, and I’ve decided to detail my personal experience throughout the 5-day event. Also, many people are on the fence about spot reduction. After reading my article, I will let you be the judge.

The atmosphere was set. It was an early Wednesday morning. I walked into the Best Western Hotel in Toronto, Ontario and the room was set as if we were ready for a presidential debate. I was getting chills as the room quickly filled with people. I made sure to arrive early to get a good seat, as I knew it was a sold out course.

As Charles Poliquin enters the room, the room becomes quiet. This highly intelligent strength coach is well respected, and everyone was eager learn from his vast experience. Within seconds of his entry, the course begins. “Welcome to Biosignature Modulation.”

I attended this 5-day course with my trainer, and a previous friend I met at my first BioSignature certification. The format of this course was a mixture of lectures; hands on body fat measurements using skin fold calipers, as well as a “parking lot” session where we were able to ask questions about anything related to nutrition, strength training and athletic performance.

For those who are unfamiliar with this unique science, BioSignature is all about correlating where someone stores their body fat with their hormonal profile. From the results we get, we can offer recommendations on nutrition, supplementation, and training. We will also be able to foresee or predict certain diseases. No, we are not medical doctors and we cannot be certain, however, substantial research has shown that where a person stores body fat may put them at higher risk for certain diseases. After an initial assessment, the goal for a high-risk individual is to get them to a healthy hormonal state by manipulating their nutrition and supplementation program. If the individual is an athlete, the goal is to maximize their potential by optimizing their hormonal profile.

Tools of the Trade: A reliable pair of skinfold calipers is very important for students taking the BioSignature course.

As body fat is the main theory behind BioSignature, Charles started the class right away by talking about the 12 sites, and what each site means. These sites are important, as they are indicative of the amount of hormones we carry. For example, we were able to predict if we had too much or too little of the following hormones: Cortisol, insulin, testosterone, estrogen, growth hormone, thyroid, and estrogen.

After conducting fat caliper measurements on each of the 12 sites, the results are entered into a computer. Based on the highest measurements, you will know which areas to focus on and what nutrition, training and supplementation recommendations to make. Charles was very keen on each student learning how to take an accurate skinfold measurement. They require a great deal of practice, and full mastery can take many, many hours of repetition.

To see the “hands on” component of a BioSignature course is quite a sight. Everyone is standing in their sport bras (ladies) or shirtless (guys) taking each other’s body fat measurements. Especially when taking the hamstring measurement – which I can definitely say is one of the most difficult. You’ve got to get up into where the glutes & hamstrings tie in and grab the area. Yes, it may be quite invasive, especially when you are in a room filled with strangers.

Learning how to take an accurate skinfold measurement requires many, many hours of repetition.

Charles is a wealth of information. From his funny sarcasm (yes, Charles has a sense of humor), to his endless stories, and scientific findings you find yourself wanting to write down every single word. Seriously, if you think his forearms are huge, wait until you have a conversation with him – his brain is just as big and is filled with knowledge. Let’s just say that even with a masters degree in exercise physiology, I still took over 50 pages of notes, and still have to reread them over in order to understand everything. I can only have empathy for those who do not have a scientific background, and if it was their first “Poliquin” class.

As I said Charles is like an open encyclopedia and to every question he not only has a personal experience, but an answer. This is why I had to take the course for my second time, as there is so much information to retain that I did not feel comfortable executing what I learned without another run through. The only downside to the Q&A sessions is that we would often get side tracked, which would at times take away from course material. As a science geek, it was very interesting to learn about different types of treatments for different cases, however, as a practitioner, I wanted to focus more on the protocols and how to go about implementing them.

Some pearls I picked up from the course were…

Everyone needs to add real, organic butter to his or her food. This will help you get leaner as type of fat in butter (butyric acid and selenium) help your body to detoxify, as well as absorb the vitamins and minerals from vegetables.

  • L-Carnitine and fish oil is a great combination – especially in a 1:4 ratio to help people get lean and improve their cholesterol levels.
  • Everyone needs to do an HCL test, as most people don’t have sufficient HCL levels to absorb all the nutrients from food. Before doing any protocol, take the HCL test.
  • Spanish red wine, and dark chocolate is a perfect pre bed snack for post menopausal women.

Spanish red wine and dark chocolate (at least 70%) is a perfect bedtime snack for post menopausal women.

BioSignature as a diagnostic tool brings science to the real world. Coach Poliquin has now expanded the system to collaborate with US doctors, as BioSignature is starting to be able to accurately predict certain cancers, as well as treat many autoimmune and/or brain deficiencies in kids. This is one part of the course I found extremely fascinating – BioSignature can not only help you improve body composition, it can also dramatically improve your health and possibly save your life.

There were so many interesting lessons we learned but I just had to give you a taste! I’m a teaser at best. The bottom line is that the BioSignature method is an amazing way to help get your clients in shape. If you want to take your business and your athletes to the next level this is the perfect course. And if you just want to improve your own body composition, go to the Charles Poliquin website and find a practitioner near you, or e-mail me and I can always help you out.

And so the question I have for you is: Do you still think spot reduction is a myth?


Nadine Shaban

Nadine is a talented fitness model, trainer and nutrition expert who also holds a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of Windsor. Her research specialty is glucose handling in Type 2 diabetics during high intensity interval exercise (HITT). Nadine also holds a B.S. in Kinesiology from the University of Windsor. In addition, Nadine is a certified strength coach under Charles Poliquin, a certified Biosignature Practitioner through Charles Poliquin, and a certified nutritional consultant through Precision Nutrition.

Nadine’s personal philosophy is to challenge people beyond what they believe they are capable of accomplishing. She hopes to inspire people to adapt to a healthier lifestyle. She believes people not only need to change their mindset towards exercise, but must also have a positive and balanced relationship with food. She truly believes a healthy mind represents a healthy body. For nutrition consultation or personal training, you can contact Nadine at




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    I’ve read some of Poloquin’s stuff before and haven’t heard of Biosignature. It seems really interesting and sounds like it’d work into my wrestling training system fairly easily considering i’m regularly taking their bodyfat via various skinfolds. Where’s the best place to find out more? Does he have a book out by chance? Thanks for getting back to me with any underground sources you may know of; I’ll hit up Google and Amazon in the meantime.

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