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What I’ve Learned Powerlifting


CoachPK Deadlift

By Coach PK

  1. Squatting and deadlifting are two of the most natural movements for the human body. We are pre-programmed to do these movements perfectly. For proof, I just have to watch the actions of my 14-month old son Kayden Blade. His squat is absolutely flawless. Perfect stance, ass-to-grass, neutral spine etc. All the cues we have to re-teach in adults that we unlearn from modern living are already ingrained in an infant.
  2. The fastest way to increase strength on a given exercise is to do it more often. Frequency is one of the most important and misunderstood variables in strength training. Somewhere along the way many strength athletes (specifically bodybuilders and powerlifters) forgot this principle. They thought (blame Arthur Jones, Mike Mentzer and the Nautilus movement for this) the body needed as much as 7 days to recover from a hard workout. I have finally realized (after observing weightlifters and elite CrossFitters) that you can make dramatic improvements in strength by training an exercise upwards of five times or more per week. I’ll give you a personal example: on September 28th, I competed in my first powerlifting meet and squatted 190kg (419 lbs.). Just eight weeks later on November 28th at my second meet, I squatted 210kg (463 lbs.) and had more in the tank. That’s an increase of 44 pounds caused mainly by consistently squatting with moderately to heavy weights 3-4 times per week. Of course you do have to manipulate other training variables like volume and intensity, but if you’re stuck in a plateau and are looking for a way to break through, try increasing your frequency.
  3. Yoga is amazing for strength athletes. As of this writing, I am a few weeks away from my 40th birthday and have been doing yoga weekly for about 7 months. Thanks to the advice of a really good friend, it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made. I’m more flexible, mobile and looser than I’ve been in years. Years of contact sports and sprinting gave me a bad left knee and nagging right shoulder. Yoga has helped to heal both and enabled me to keep lifting heavy. After 26 years of “clanging and banging”, yoga practice is gonna keep me going for another 26 years and beyond.
  4. If you’re passionate about something, (the right) people will be drawn to it. 2014 saw the launch of the Strong Athlete Training Centre, something that Coach G and I had envisioned just a few short years ago. Thanks to the support of our friends and clients, that vision has become a reality. The support has been overwhelming. We’ve got a real family atmosphere at the gym, and it truly is a beautiful thing to see. All kinds of athletes train at our facility, including mixed martial artists, fitness competitors, bodybuilders, skiers, soccer players, future hockey stars and many more. I believe that we’ve attracted these athletes in part because of the energy we put out into the universe. Our clients know we believe in them (sometimes more than they believe in themselves). If you want something, put out the right energy (and work your ass off) and it will come to you.


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