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8 Traits of Champions


Today we want to share something with you that we came across a week ago that really resonated with us. We often listen to podcasts rather than music in the car while driving to and from the Strong Athlete High Performance Training Centre. It’s a great way to learn new things or even just be entertained on various topics that we’re interested in.

The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes (a former pro football player turned lifestyle entrepreneur) is definitely one of our favorite podcasts. Last week he had a guest on his show named Aubrey Marcus who’s the founder of the supplement company ONNIT.

Aubrey has also spent a great deal of time studying what it takes to be a world-class champion and we want to share his top 8 characteristics and mindset principles of champions that he has formulated from researching and working with elite champion athletes over the years.

So without further ado let’s jump right into it!

1. Champions utilize belief to their advantage

To become a champion you have to first believe that you are actually worthy of it. If YOU don’t believe you can do it then there’s no way you are going scratch and claw your way through the blood, sweat and tears it takes to make it to the top. You must have sickening, disgusting belief in yourself that nothing will stop you from achieving greatness! Just look at the newly crowned UFC Featherweight Champion of the World Conor McGregor. There is an interview with Conor from almost 8 years before he became champion talking about how he is going to be the champ one day and make more money than he knew what do with. Lo and behold he was right! He believed it first without a doubt then he achieved it.

2. Champions are great students

Champions never stop learning, growing and getting better. Once you think you know it all and don’t need to learn anymore you are on way down the ladder back to the bottom. Even the greatest champions in history such as Georges St. Pierre (GSP) were always open to learning new things from anyone who had good information. Everyone you meet has something to teach you if you are open to it and pay close attention. If you feel like you’ve learned everything you can from those around you, get up and seek out experts that you can learn more from. Stay open, never think that you know it all and you will live an extraordinary life as a champion.

3. Champions are tough

This one is pretty obvious but it still needs to be addressed. You can’t be a champion if you quit at the first sign of difficulty. You’re going to get hit, you’re going to get knocked down, and you’re going to lose time and time again. You have to be mentally, physically and emotionally tough through all this – take the “beatings” so to speak and push on. The road to greatness is a road less traveled because most people turn back too soon.


In life, you’re going to get knocked down, and you have to be mentally and physically tough through it all.

4. Champions master their minds

So many athletes we come across spend all their time focusing on what the best strength and conditioning workout should be or what the best new technique for their sport is and completely bypass the key to it all – the performance mindset. Mastering your mind means to have clarity and focus in your mind of what it’s going to take to achieve your goal. Building up the mind by establishing the “why” you want to be a champion is always the first step. Once you have that “why” solidified you can then endure any “what” such as hard training sessions, strict dieting, and pushing through the pain of an injury. Strong minds always prevail.

5. Champions have rituals

This might be better described with the word routines rather than rituals. Champions have routines that are structured and followed in as much detail as possible. We are not talking about being superstitious such as having to put their left sock on first or not washing their shorts for an entire training camp! Creating those kind of dependencies can be dangerous because if things go off track like their favorite shorts don’t show up in the baggage claim at the airport and they have to compete without them they can be devastated. Instead we focus on building routines and rituals during the preparation for competition so that everything is automatic when it’s time to perform. It’s all about consistent execution day after day.

6. Champions are absolutely relentless

No matter what, nothing will stand in the way of a true champion reaching the pinnacle of their sport. Tired? Hungry? Sore muscles? It doesn’t matter. Pushing through pain is a sign of greatness. Champions never stop, they push and push and even when they think that they have absolutely nothing left in the tank they dig deeper and push even harder. No one ever said being a champion was easy.


Nothing will stand in the way of a true champion reaching the pinnacle of their sport.


7. Champions are in a serious relationship with their body

To be a champion you must respect and understand your body. Knowing what your body needs by working with an expert in nutrition, strength and conditioning and skill development is critical to ongoing growth towards championship status. Every body is different and there’s no cookie cutter approach that applies to everyone. Champions are dedicated in their mind to learning and more importantly, applying the right tactics for eating, training and recovering. They leave no stone unturned when it comes to their body and how to make it perform at the highest level.

8. Champions have a great team

No one ever truly achieves greatness on their own. It takes a dedicated, hard working team to help an athlete become a champion. Even in individual sports where the athlete is out there seemingly on their own, there is a team of experts right behind the curtain. Champions have great training partners, intelligent coaches and a strong network of social support such as family, friends and loved ones around them. And the most important thing is that all members of the team believe 100% in the athlete and support their goal by being positive and motivating at all times. To be great you must always seek to surround yourself with great people. It’s that simple.


Champions have great training partners, intelligent coaches and a strong network of social support.

So there you have it: The 8 Characteristics of Champions. Take a minute to see if you’re covering off all these bases in your journey to greatness. These rules don’t only apply to athletes; they definitely apply to everyday life in your career, family life and in your own personal development towards superhuman status!

If you want to listen to the full podcast you can get it by CLICKING HERE.

For more strategies and tips on becoming a champion and living a superhuman life check us out at www.Strong-Athlete.com.

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