5 Strategies for Eating Clean & Feeling GREAT

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5 Strategies for Eating Clean & Feeling GREAT

First, let’s get something straight – clean eating is a lifestyle, not a diet. Despite the messages you’re receiving from countless diet articles and videos out here, the simple truth is that diets just don’t work in the long run. As soon as you adapt the mindset “I’m on a diet,” you’re basically inviting the inevitable ups and downs of your weight and your emotions. So scrap the diet mentality for good.

It’s time you adapted a new, mature, sustainable way of thinking about your relationship with food. Clean eating is about cutting out junky, processed foods and instead eating whole, natural foods that fuel your body, giving you energy and stamina. As Charles Poliquin so often says, if it runs in the field, swims, flies, or is green – eat it! Here are 5 simple strategies to help you start eating clean, today.

5. Plan ahead. If you need to dedicate a couple of hours each Sunday to cooking up some chicken, fish, or beef in bulk and dividing your portions for the week, do it. No time isn’t an excuse – just cut out some of those lazy hours you normally spend watching TV or roaming the Net.

4.  Remind yourself why it’s so important. Watch YouTube videos or read articles by your favorite nutritional gurus, like Charles Poliquin, talking about the many health benefits of clean eating. This will keep you on track, even on the toughest of days.

3. Drink enough water. Being hydrated can help you quench thirst that is sometimes disguised as hunger. We’re not saying replace food with water (no way!), but just make sure you’re getting enough H2O, and that should help you stay on the clean eating pa th. Poliquin recommends approximately 0.6-0.7 ounces per pound of bodyweight.

2. Take the time to enjoy food. Be honest – how many times have you gobbled down a snack or your dinner standing up, leaning against the kitchen counter, thinking about your day? We’ve all been there, but guess what – those calories count too! Standing up doesn’t erase them. So sit down without distractions, and really savour your meals – the aroma, the textures, the flavors. Food is delicious, so make it an experience, not a task.

1. Keep a journal and monitor how you feel after a week, two weeks, and then a month of eating clean. As you cut out junk from your diet, you’ll probably notice some amazing improvements in your skin, the shape of your body, your energy levels, your moods, and most importantly, your attitude. Journalling it all will be an incredibly rewarding, motivating experience.


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  1. Emma Madison June 8, 2013 at 3:46 PM - Reply

    Great post! I especially like #2. It makes sense to slow down and savor each bite if possible. You get filled up so much quicker and can be more mindful of the portion you’re eating.

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