2012 Nationals: How Carl Trains CHEST

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2012 Nationals: How Carl Trains CHEST

Carl Cheung Trains Chest Before Nationals

Strong-Athlete.com caught up with Light-Heavyweight National Competitor Carl Cheung about two weeks out from his debut at the CBBF National Bodybuilding Championships in Edmonton. Not only is Carl one of the best bodybuilders in the country and an OPA judge, he is also a methods analyst at Bombardier Aerospace, one of the largest airplane manufacturers in the world. After winning his weight class in 2010 at the Ontario Championships, Carl has taken the past two years to make some amazing gains to his physique. In his quest to become an IFBB Pro, Carl has enlisted the expertise of Canadian bodybuilding legends Henderson Thorne, Bob Weatherill and most recently, Mike Asiedu. The light-heavyweight division is sure to be one of the most stacked classes at the national level in recent memory, and Carl will be right there in the mix.

For the feature video below, Carl gave us a breakdown of his contest prep and showed us how an elite bodybuilder trains chest. Special thanks to Issac and the team at Olympia Muscle & Fitness for their hospitality. Good luck at Nationals Carl!

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