2011 Reebok CROSSFIT Games: Canada East

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2011 Reebok CROSSFIT Games: Canada East

CrossFit CapOp founder Mathieu Dumontet repping out a tough set of overhead squats during the Team Challenge.

Strong-Athlete.com recently caught up with some of the best CrossFit athletes in Canada at the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games, Canada East Regionals. The action-packed event consisted of six grueling workouts spread out over three days, and tested all aspects of fitness, ranging from strength, power, stamina, skill, flexibility and most of all … heart.

We popped in on Day Two of the event, which started with an individual women’s and men’s workout for time. For the women, it consisted of 21 reps on the deadlift at 205lbs followed by 21 box jumps onto a 24″ box, right back to 15 reps on the deadlift followed by 15 box jumps and finishing with 9 deadlifts and another 9 box jumps. To look at it on paper and underestimate this workout would be a grave mistake. The deadlift/box jump combo was brutally hard. For the men, the workout was the same, using 315lbs on the deadlift and a 30″ box for jumps. Next time you are at your gym, try repping out 21 reps with 315 on the deadlift and see how you feel. We were gassed just watching these incredible athletes.

CrossFit Select Athlete Raul Cano leaves it all on the gym floor, day in and day out. He literally bleeds CrossFit.

The CrossFit Team Challenge was the highight of the day for us. It really embodied the essence of why so many athletes love CrossFit – it’s the energy, intensity and camaraderie among all of the athletes. Everyone truly gives it their all and leaves everything on the gym floor.

Teams were in groups of four, two men and two women. The Challenge/Workout was called a “Chipper”, which started with 250 “chest-to-bar” Pull Ups, followed by 250 Kettlebell Swings, 250 Double Unders, and finishing off with 250 Overhead Squats. Wow. I’ve passed out doing my share of CrossFit workouts and I’m certain that this one would put me down for the count. Each team had a 30 minute time limit to complete the workout – the team with the fastest time was the winner.

Our video below captures footage from Day Two and includes a short interview with the crew from CrossFit CapOp out of Montreal. We’d like to congratulate CrossFit CapOp and our friends from CrossFit Select for their outstanding performances that weekend. Also look out for our exclusive profile on the CrossFit Select team when we visit their gym for their Official Grand Opening.


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