Single-Leg Press

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Coach G demonstrates the proper technique for performing the single leg press. This is a great exercise for targeting the quads and glutes. We frequently program unilateral or single limb exercises to correct strength imbalances.

6 Books You Should Read


In this post, I’d like to share with you a few of the books that have really impacted me as an athlete and coach over the years. Add one or all of these to your collection – you’ll be happy you did. Enjoy!

3 Quick Keys to a Stronger Squat


Most of you reading this are interested in getting stronger and looking better while getting stronger. To help you out, we’ve compiled a quick list of a few of our favorite keys to build a seriously strong squat. Add these to your routine and then get back under the bar and start moving some iron!

Shoulder Shocker Tri-Set


This shoulder shocker is focused on muscle growth. We want to focus on moving and squeezing the muscle more so than just moving the weight. Here’s a little killer tri-set that we love to use on our athletes!

Six Pack Abs Made Simple


Let’s be honest, everyone wants a lean set of six pack abs and anyone who says they don’t is lying! Read on to discover the simplest, most effective exercise to build six-pack abs.

Why Carbs Are Not Your Enemy!


One subject in the fitness community that is the source of more confusion and misinformation is carbohydrates. We’re sure you’ve heard someone say at least one of the following:   “Never eat carbs after 6 p.m.” “Stay away from all sugars if you want to get lean.” “Carbs will make you fat.” “Low carb diets are healthier for you.”   Statements like these, especially when taken out of context, can cause more harm than good, especially when referring to hard training athletes. Carbohydrates are actually an athlete’s best friend, and play a vital role for health and performance. Here are just a few reasons why carbs are so important: Carbs are the preferred energy source…

Miss Chin Bikini Trains with Strong Athlete


Casandra Bella, Miss Chin Bikini 2012, trains back and abs with Coach PK of Team Strong Athlete just days before her National debut at the IFBB World Qualifier in Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada. Look out for an exclusive interview with Casandra in an upcoming feature on Feature video below:  

Photo Gallery: STRONG Athlete Wins In Cobourg!


|By Team Strong Athlete|  Team Strong Athlete’s Kate Mitchell swept the women’s physique division at the OPA Cobourg Naturals. This was Kate’s second victory in as many shows. Kate will compete next in Figure at the Ontario Championships on June 1st. Check out the photo gallery below:                

Official Pain And Gain Movie Trailer


  Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has got to be the hardest working man in Hollywood these days. Strong-Athlete’s all-time favorite WWE superstar and action hero has no less than four feature films debuting this year. The first, Snitch, which hit theaters in February, sees The Rock battling a drug cartel to save the life of his son. Later on in March, we see the Rock starring with Channing Tatum and Bruce Willis  in a sequel to the first G.I. Joe movie. Rocky hooks up again with the cast of The Fast & The Furious for the sixth installment of this beloved franchise. The movie we are most looking forward to however, is Pain and Gain, starring The Rock…

Fundamentals Of A Big Bench!


|By: Big Jeff Pearce|   You know the conversation, “Oh, you workout?  How much do you bench press?”  It’s a conversation that pops up all too often; people find out that you workout and all of a sudden they have to know how much you bench.  It’s a barometer of strength; the common man’s measuring stick of might.  Inevitably, the person that asks you will always follow up with a smug grin and “Oh, I have a friend that can lift X amount more than you.”  The reason I have chosen to pen this article about bench strength is that I want you to be that friend that can lift X amount more than someone…

So You Think You Got A Squat Problem?


|By: Nassim Jebran| It’s happened to us all at one point in our lifting careers; you get aches, pains and you don’t lift as much as you would like to and put yourself in a position where there is a serious risk for injury all by doing one thing:  Squatting.  I am a huge believer in the power of the squat; it is, hands down, the best exercise for taking the fish fins you call legs and turning them into solid tree trunks.  The problem is that most people do not know what they are doing.  In this article, I will discuss come common squat problems that any lifter may encounter.   1. Starting Off…

Knee Injury Prevention


  |By: Nicole Ettorre CAT(C), BAHSc (AT), BPhEd| Whether you are a weekend warrior or a highly competitive athlete, you have likely experienced or come in contact with someone who has suffered from some sort of knee pain. Knee injuries, especially to those who are physically active, have become increasingly prevalent and are responsible for large economic and personal burden 1   The knee itself is a large and complex joint that can be easily injured due to the number of forces that can act upon it. It consists of four bones: the femur, tibia, fibula and patella; cartilage, meniscus, and several bursa, ligaments and muscles/tendons. All of these structures must work together to produce…

Your New Years 5-Step Nutrition Guide


It’s that time again. It’s a new year and there is no better time to set a new fitness goal for yourself and stick to it. To help you along the way, we’ve outlined a 5-step nutrition guide that we give to all first-time clients, no matter if they are just looking to get in better shape, compete in a sport, or to step onstage in a physique contest. Pay close attention to the steps below along your transformation journey and the odds of you achieving success are virtually guaranteed.   1. WATER Our bodies are made up of over 75% water. Without proper hydration, we will very quickly impair normal body function. For health, body composition and/or…

Lower Back Injury Prevention


|By: Alex Carnall| Probably more common than any injury in my experience has been clients presenting with low-back pain. There are tons of “rules of thumb” expressed as common knowledge or coaching cues that hold no more than face validity and are actually hurting people instead of protecting them. Since this article is going to be published to people who may not be looking purposely for information on the topic, I will try my best to keep it brief and pertinent to strength training. More specifically, with a high focus on injury prevention as opposed to diagnosis and correction – which admittedly are things that I’ve yet to learn lots about. What I will do…

HEADLINES: Testicular & Breast Cancer

Pregnancy Test

  |By: Big Jeff Pearce| Typically, my tone is humorous.  This time is different.  I will be touching on some fairly serious topics that effect a good chunk of our readership.  Let’s be honest, cancer touches everyone – athlete or not.  On our site, we have interviewed Joanne Williams who overcame breast cancer to go on to turn pro.  Giddy up and here we go.    Testicular Cancer & Pregnancy Tests: Recently, I happened upon a story of a man who, as a joke, posted on Reddit that he urinated on a pregnancy test and the test showed positive.  Shortly after posting his test results, other Redditors warned him that it could be a positive…

Official Generation IRON Movie Trailer


Bodybuilding fans and fitness enthusiasts of all levels will be pleased to hear that 2013 will be the debut of  Generation Iron, a feature length documentary about modern day professional bodybuilding. This film is essentially a follow up to the cult classic Pumping Iron, which introduced the world to future bodybuilding icon, action movie star and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. It features seven of the world’s best bodybuilders, including the current Mr. Olympia and several contenders such as Kai “The Predator” Greene and Dennis Wolf. You can be sure that the Strong Athlete family will be at the premiere of this one. Check out the trailer below:

Score Fighting Series 7: Live Results

The Score Fighting Series 7 Live Results

|By: Big Jeff Pearce| Tonight, the Strong-Athlete crew will be at the Score Fighting Series 7 in Hamilton, Ontario covering the action, jab by jab.  Part of our commitment to our readership is to provide quality content.  As such, we will be trying something new this weekend; we will be providing live results for this event starting at 7 p.m. on November 23, 2012.  Be sure to look out for post-fight interviews in the coming weeks. Below, you will find our live results blog: Paul Jalbert vs. Oliver Vadnais First Round:  Jalbert’s first time in the cage looks comfortable, early striking, Oliver controlling the fight against the cage.  Oliver with wicked elbows, gets a takedown; 1:53 left.  Paul…

Score Fighting Series 7 Preview


|By Big Jeff Pearce|   If you think that the UFC is the only game in town, you’re wrong; the Score Fighting Series throws down this Friday, November 23rd, 2012 in Hamilton, Ontario at the Hamilton Place Theatre.  The promotion is looking to sell out Hamilton Place for the third time in a row.  It shouldn’t be a problem considering many of the fighters in these events have something to prove and they show it.  The Score consistently has fast-paced, quality fights. will be present at the fight, providing coverage.  So, watch for further coverage as the event draws closer.  Let’s break down the main card.   Jordan “Young Gun” Mein (25-8) vs. Forrest…

TOP 5 Best Leg Exercises!

Platz Legs

|By Alex Carnall|   Before I dive into what my five best leg exercises let me make a bit of a disclaimer. Understand that this article is written from my own perspective. I work with athletes who need a holistic, more functional (vs. structural) approach to their training. That’s not to say they won’t develop rippling quads and lofty glutes as a byproduct of working with me – but it isn’t the primary objective. In fewer words, I’m looking to develop movement-based strength.  If you’re just starting out, I’ve included an anatomy chart of the lower body below. So with a movement-based approach, nearly every strength exercise can be categorized (at least loosely) under one of…

Do You Really Need To Detox?


|By Anita Kus-Roberts| I recently joined a new gym. The salesman offered his standard rant about the benefits of personal training and their brand of selectorized weight equipment and why I should buy into their training packages. Tuning out his sales pitch, my glazed over and wandered to a box of pills on his desk that claimed to be the “ultimate detox system.” Upon closer inspection, the packaging boasted magical claims: Lose weight rapidly! Improve your digestion! Have healthier hair, skin and nails! Eliminate cellulite! Increase your energy! While these claims are too good to be true, they got me wondering: what do people really think detox means, and does it belong in the serious…

5 Signs of a Bad Personal Trainer

Bad Personal Trainer

|By Alex Carnall| If I could master time travel and talk to the 18 year old version of me about training, I’d probably save myself the trip.  Like any other young lifter, I was convinced I held the key to untold success under the bar.  I watched others with a critical eye and wouldn’t dare admit to being wrong.  Additionally, most of my supporting evidence was anecdotal and I thought programming was something for geeks. Five years later, I’ve found that there is still no shortage of people like that.  And, some of them have been hired as fitness professionals.  In response, I feel compelled to shed light on a few things your trainer may…

STRONG Profile: Tina Goinarov feature on Tina Goinarov

| By Vince Pe | Strong-Athlete proudly profile’s Tina Goinarov. One of our industry’s hardest working and most dedicated individuals, I had the pleasure of finding out more about Tina and how she got involved to the sport we all love. Regularly helping our industry’s most predominant athletes such as Mboya Edwards and Nancy Di Nino, Tina’s entry to our industry began in 2010 with a simple email to Jim Morris that has resulted into becoming a major player herself in only a couple of short years. With a belief in a friend’s goals and dreams, as well as being tired of sitting on the side and doing nothing to help out, Tina is now a…

True Grit: Sara-Clare Lajeunesse


|By: Big Jeff Pearce| I was farting around on Facebook one day when I saw a status update that had found its way onto my Newsfeed.  It was by a woman named Sara-Clare Lajeunesse and this is the update and picture I saw:     “Never give up on yourself. After bulging L5, a fractured left radius & losing my brother in the past 8 months, I had no choice but to focus my training on celebrating the small victories.  Some days took 5 steps forward & then 5 steps right back. But other days I took 5 steps forward, 4.5 steps back. Today I beat my original Nov comp numbers for long cycle & ran my…

SARS, Immune Boosters & Sugar Makes You Stupid

SARS Like Virus, Immune Boosters & Sugar Makes You Dumb

|By:  Big Jeff Pearce| SARS Like Virus & Immune Boosters: Recently, I was doing some of what you youngsters affectionately call ‘surfing the internets’ and I happened upon some interesting stuff.  One of the first things that I stumbled upon was that there was a small resurgence of a SARS like virus in June.  Due to the efforts of the officials involved, it stopped the spread of the SARS like coronavirus.   I’ll spare you the most of the details (which can be found here:–new-sars-like-virus-discovered-before-it-causes-outbreak).  What is important is that this ‘potential outbreak scenario’ scores the importance of solidifying your immune system against not only common colds but who knows what else; this goes for…

Interview with Richie “RICH-BODY” Keirouz


  |By Vince Pe | Richie Keirouz is one of the rising stars in the OPA. Fresh off competing at the 2012 Ontario Provincial Championships at the Toronto Pro Supershow, Richie is a top 5 finisher in what was the most competitive weight class in that show. With one of the most pleasing physiques in our industry, Richie Keirouz will soon be appearing in many projects that I’ll have to keep under wraps.  One thing I can share is Richie will be sharing his knowledge and passion of bodybuilding to a new group of athletes – his clients. His company, RICH BODY, has recently launched and is set to take the industry by storm.  Undoubtedly,…

Q&A With New IFBB Pro Joanne Williams


|By Big Jeff Pearce| Joanne Williams has overcome a lot in the years that she has been bodybuilding to reach her goal of becoming an IFBB Pro.  Before she reached the heights of the Canadian bodybuilding world, Joanne was faced with the very grim reality of being diagnosed with breast cancer. She overcame that. Then as she was planning her 2012 competitive season, her trainer/mentor/friend Darren Oliver passed suddenly.  Her world was awash with sorrow; many of us were left as shocked as Joanne to Darren’s tragic departure.  But, Joanne is a warrior; she overcame the loss and put together a package that won the overall title at the 2012 Canadian Nationals.  This is an…

Q&A with IFBB Figure Pro Larissa Reis feature with Larissa Reis

| By Big Jeff Pearce | From the pages of Playboy to Muscular Development, IFBB Pro Larissa Reis is everywhere; thank God for that!  Currently, Larissa is a Nutrex sponsored athlete and is the owner/operator of  Through her website, she provides a number of services, everything from personal training and nutritional consultations to both men’s and women’s apparel.  In addition to her website, you can find her on Facebook (/LarissaReisInc) and Twitter (@LarissaR_IFBB). Before we delve into the interview, I would like to thank Larissa for taking the time out of her schedule to do this interview.  It is a hectic time for her considering she is competing in Figure at the 2012 Europa…

2012 Nationals: How Carl Trains CHEST training feature with Carl Cheung caught up with Light-Heavyweight National Competitor Carl Cheung about two weeks out from his debut at the CBBF National Bodybuilding Championships in Edmonton. Not only is Carl one of the best bodybuilders in the country and an OPA judge, he is also a methods analyst at Bombardier Aerospace, one of the largest airplane manufacturers in the world. After winning his weight class in 2010 at the Ontario Championships, Carl has taken the past two years to make some amazing gains to his physique. In his quest to become an IFBB Pro, Carl has enlisted the expertise of Canadian bodybuilding legends Henderson Thorne, Bob Weatherill and most recently, Mike Asiedu. The light-heavyweight division is sure…

KAI Is Ready For Nationals


This weekend, Kai Persaud 2.0 takes to the stage at the CBBF Canadian Nationals for Figure in New Westminister BC to battle a stacked field and try to earn her IFBB Pro Card. This journey has been especially tough for Kai after losing her coach and mentor Darren Oliver in December of 2011. Now coached by the team of IFBB Pro Bob Weatherill and her boyfriend, IFBB Pro Renaldo “Razor” Gairy, Kai will be bringing an entirely new package to the stage. She has added more muscle everywhere and the gains she has made on her quads and hamstrings have been outstanding. On behalf of the Strong-Athlete team, we’d like to wish Kai the best…

Beating the Post-Competition BLUES


| By Anita Kus-Roberts | I was at a show recently watching competitor after competitor parade around, proud of their hard-earned physiques. How motivating it was for me to watch, in my off-season “puffy” phase. As each competitor did their catwalk and showed off, an announcer would read tidbits and quotes from their entry forms. “Competitor 108 says, ‘There is no off-season!’” Slowly, I lowered my piece of carrot cake and almost spat out the delicious mouthful of yumminess that I don’t deny myself during my off-season. Are you kidding me? Let there be no question that there is an off-season. And it is incredibly important. The off-season is a crucial break that all athletes need, no matter…