When we started Strong Athlete, we had envisioned creating a company with a mission to genuinely help athletes realize and achieve their true potential.

 Being a Strong Athlete is not just about who is the strongest or the fastest or the most talented; it means being mentally strong to overcome all odds, face adversity and have the courage to push through the difficult challenges.


Strong Athlete Zac Masson has been training with us for over 5 years now and we are so proud of the results that he has been able to achieve. Zac has become one of Canada’s number defensive Jr Lacrosse players as well as being a dominate force on the ice in BCHL for Langley Rivermen the past few seasons. Recently, Zac has achieve a goal we have been working on for the past 4 years… earning an NCAA Division 1 hockey scholarship. We couldn’t be more proud of all that Zac has accomplished thus far in his athletic career and we can’t wait to see where it goes from here! Check out this short feature video of Zac.


Strong Athlete Ryan Valentini represents everything that being a Strong Athlete is. Words can’t express how proud we are of this young Strong Athlete and what he has accomplished. This young athlete has faced challenge after challenge and each time has made the commitment to overcome adversity. Most young athletes would give up and just quit after all the adversity Ryan has faced, but that wasn’t even an option for him.

 He committed himself 100% to training and he completely changed his nutrition to what we designed for him. When his friends were out partying and eating deep fried wings he was at the gym training and eating chicken breast, sweet potato and greens! Success is reserved for those who are willing to pay its price and it’s amazing to see what this Strong Athlete has achieved from his hard work.

 From May to mid August he has completely reinvented himself as a world-class athlete by building lean muscle, increasing strength, losing fat and taking his physical performance to another level making huge waves in the OHL this season playing for the Sudbury Wolves. Great job Ryan!


“I got into the best shape of my life following the Strong Athlete Performance Nutrition and Training Program. I’m faster, stronger and more explosive than ever and everyone is taking notice!”

– Ryan Valentini


Ashton“As a Mixed Martial Artist I deal with a heavy demand on my body through regular martial arts training. The biggest fear I had when looking to improve my overall game through strength and conditioning training was that I would sacrifice valuable mat time to be lifting weights, which at the time I believed had little to do with success in my sport. When I began training with team Strong Athlete and Coach PK these fears were put to rest. I did sacrifice mat time but I was adding another part to my game that complimented my techniques. Coach PK simply does not make you lift senseless weight. The exercises complement each other and all have a direct function to movements I would be preforming in the cage. In terms of conditioning I have never been in better shape. The cardio that we do is definitely challenging. It makes you push yourself to exhaustion. I can honestly say in some of our sessions I have had way more lactic acid build up than I do when I go three rounds. However the variable that takes this experience over the top is the programs flexibility to my body. As most know fighting comes with a lot of aches, pains, blood and bruises. Some days my body is very limited because of these factors. Coach PK easily presents alternatives and I get an equally successful session in as compared to if I was fully healthy.”

“My experience with Team Strong Athlete has shown success signs both on and off the mat and I’m very excited to continue working with all of the coaches and reach my highest potential. Any combat sport athletes would greatly benefit from Strong Athlete Services.”

– Ashton Nemdhari



Gil, a California native, is a long-time bodybuilding fan and always wanted to compete in a physique competition. When he joined Strong Athlete in the fall of 2012, his dream became a reality. Gil trained like an animal and was disciplined with his diet from day one. In 16 short weeks, Gil lost pounds of bodyfat and revealed shredded muscle all over his chest, arms, shoulders and back. At the Contra Costa Championships in California, Gil placed 4th in Men’s Physique and qualified for the NPC Nationals!



Frani“Strong Athlete’s Coach PK and Coach G are truly excellent coaches and trainers. I have been training with them for a few years now and they are incredibly bright with a wealth of health and fitness knowledge. They introduced me to the perfect combination of diverse training methods, individualized exercise programs and achievable goal setting. Whether you are a competitive athlete or just want to improve your fitness, Coach PK and Coach G will exceed your expectations.

I can’t see myself working with any other coaches … they have set the bar really high! Thank you Strong Athlete for all your help!”

– Francine Grey


BnA_AmyAmy, veteran of the Peel Region Police Force, joined Team Strong Athlete in the August of 2011. Amy had been athletic her whole life and wanted to try her hand at Figure competition. Within 13 weeks, Amy shed over 25 lbs. and stepped on stage at the IDFA World Championships. Amy looked phenomenal and the judges rewarded her with 2nd place in the Women’s Tall division. 



larry“If you’re reading this you’re already close to making one of the best health related decisions of your life. I began working with Strong Athlete in 2011 when I was struggling to understand the effects of nutrition on my body. Frankly although I ate fairly healthy I never really understood my diet and needed help. I was taking the first steps toward competitive Muay Thai and I couldn’t get to a healthy and effective weight. Coach G took a consultive approach learning about my diet, exercise and overall goals and together we came up with a plan to get there.” 

“I was thrilled to have a roadmap to success but Coach G took it one step further with his coaching and support. His positive spirit and sincere concern helped ensure my goals would be met. With his help I exceeded my initial goals and afterward we worked on a strength and conditioning program to compliment my Muay Thai training.” 

“I’m a different person in many ways since working with Strong Athlete. Both personally and professionally I’ve only seen positive change including improved productivity, relationships, and general happiness. Friend, colleagues and clients often comment on what great shape I’m in and ask me for advice on how to replicate my success. I always say to call Strong Athlete – they will get you there. I would encourage anyone reading this to take the next step and contact Strong Athlete.  You won’t regret it.”

– Larry Indovina


BnA_Ike Ike has been an honorary member of Strong Athlete from inception, but he officially came on board in January of 2013. In just 16 weeks, Ike torched pounds of fat and displayed a ripped six-pack with solid muscle gains throughout his chest, shoulders, and arms. Since joining Team Strong Athlete, Ike has also added over 40 lbs. to his max bench press and has deadlifted 425 lbs. at a bodyweight of 175 lbs. 



BnA_Jakub“In august of 2012 I got into a bad car accident. The accident left me with a really bad back and neck. I went through regular channels of recovery – physio that my insurance payed for. Physio consisted of someone plugging me in to some sort of machine and nothing more. By the end of my physio period my back and neck was without any change and on top of that I gained a massive amount of weight. I was not my self! I was out of shape, overweight and depressed. Then in December of 2012 I started working with Strong Athlete and it completely changed my life. Within just the first month my back and neck felt great. I never looked back.

I’ve been using the Strong Athlete Online Coaching Program ever since and as of now I am in the best shape of my life. I have lost 45 unwanted pounds, gained an incredible amount of muscle and increased my strength dramatically. Thank you Strong Athlete for making me into a beast!”

– Jakub Mulik


BnA_OliviaOlivia Dabs, aka The Iron Lady, joined Team Strong Athlete in July of 2012. A few months later, Olivia found herself onstage at the Fitness Star World Championships, placing 3rd in her very first show! In 2013, Olivia competed in Figure at the OPA Mississauga Championships, placing 4th in a very tough field and qualifying for the Provincial Championships. In the gym, Olivia is a certified beast, and has squatted over 225 lbs. for reps, deadlifted 275 lbs. for reps and done incline dumbbell presses with 65 lb. dumbbells for reps!!! All this at a bodyweight of 122-125 lbs. Olivia’s next goal is to qualify for the Nationals in Figure. Her long-term goal is to become the first Indian born IFBB Pro. 



I started working out with Coach G from Strong Athlete just over a year ago. Since the day I joined Strong Athlete, my life has completely changed for the best. I feel great, I am stronger and leaner than I’ve ever been and I have never been more content in my life. Coach G still manages to amaze me with his coaching style, his positive outlook on life and wanting the best for me at all times, even when I felt like giving up on myself. I wouldn’t be where I am today, if Strong Athlete was not part of my life. Coach G has taught me so much more about fitness and weight training but also how to better understand my body and what I am fuelling it with. Coach G encourages me to reach for the stars with my personal goals and to never settle for anything but the best.  He not only motivates me but also inspires me to be the strong independent women that I am today and always reminds me how far I have come. My favourite day of the week is Friday, as I look forward to my training session with Coach G. He is truly an amazing Coach.  Thanks for being such an influential person in my life! You continue to help me take great care of my body, mind and soul. I am so proud to be a member of Team Strong Athlete!

 – Yiota Haikalis


BnA_sabrinaAfter giving birth to her beautiful son and future Strong Athlete Ayaan in October of 2012, one of Sabrina’s goals was to get back into great shape. In just 16 weeks, Sabrina shed all of her post-pregnancy baby fat and revealed a ripped six-pack just in time for a beach vacation in Mexico! Sabrina also achieved her goal of being able to do full chin-ups and can now do eight with ease. Next stop for Sabrina: bikini competition. Stay tuned!


karen“I started to train with Strong Athlete several months ago. I thought that I just hired a “personal trainer” who I could develop a strong working relationship with…someone to help me get physically fit! I remember telling Coach G that I wanted to get really fit…to have a lean, tight, toned, athletic, strong, and feminine body…to experience a complete body transformation. Little did I realize that I needed a lot more than a body transformation to start feeling better about myself, to be truly happy and healthy…I needed an absolute life transformation!

Coach G is sincerely interested and committed to his clients…to those who are willing to make change! I look forward to continuing my journey and achieving my goals with Strong Athlete’s ongoing guidance, support, and encouragement. Coach G is not my “personal trainer”. I am proud to say that he is my Coach! I am quite fortunate…thank you Strong Athlete for all your help!”

– Karen Orser


jessica“I have worked with Coach G from Strong Athlete for the past 9 months and I still am so amazed with all the positive changes I have made both physically and psychologically. It is with much thanks to Strong Athlete that I am finally well on my way to the fitness level, muscle conditioning, strength and body shape that I have strived for many years to achieve. Coach G not only is very knowledgeable at what he does he is passionate about it. This is evident in each and every one of my training sessions with Coach G. Not only does he work with you on a physical level, but he is also there as a life coach if and when you need it. Over the 9 months working with Strong Athlete has helped me become a more confident and happy person and I am very grateful for having the pleasure to train with someone so wonderful!  Thanks Strong Athlete!”

 – Jessica Tsalkind



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