Welcome to the Strong Athlete Life Podcast! We are excited to be able to share more great information on training, nutrition, mindset and recovery strategies through our podcast show to help you live the Super Human Life. The Strong Athlete Live podcast is also available on iTunes so go subscribe today by CLICKING HERE!

We have recently restarted our Strong Athlete Life Podcast show on iTunes featuring Coach Oskar Gut so the episode numbers will be restarting from 1 again but don’t forget to check out all our previous episodes 1-6 from the original Strong Athlete Live show below.


Episode 4: Cutting Through the Clutter to Start Training and Eating Better



Episode 3: Debunking Common Training, Nutrition and Performance Myths



Episode 2: The Key Ingredients That Make Up World-Class Athletes


Episode 1: Introducing Elite Athletic Therapist Krisjon Vargas!


Episode 6: What is the Best Way to Train with Coach PK and Coach Gaetan. 


Episode 5: What it Takes to Become a World Class Athlete with Coach PK and Coach Gaetan. 


Episode 4: Performance and Injury Prevention with Elite Athletic Therapist Moira Swain


Episode 3: Sharing Our Journey to Becoming World-Class Coaches (Part 2 of 2) 

*Unfortunately we had a technical problem with our original episode 3 recording with Dr. Lee so we plan on doing that show again to share with everyone!

Episode 2: Sharing Our Journey to Becoming World-Class Coaches (Part 1 of 2)


Episode 1: Super Human Mindset Strategies with Guest Kru Joey De Los Reyes



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