8 Life Lessons from May-Mac

Saturday night we were treated to one of the most anticipated sporting events in history! The fight may or may not have lived up to all the hype for you but beyond the simple exchanges of punches, I wanted to share what I really took away from this historic moment featuring two living legends. I want to thank both Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather for reminding me of some very important things about life. Normally when I watch fights I’m on the edge of my seat analyzing each fighters moves, their tactics, their strategies, anticipating what they are going to do next to out shine their opponent… But Saturday was a bit different for me. I wasn’t so immersed…

2 HARD-CORE Moves for You

Here are two of my favourite advanced core exercises that I use with my athletes who have already developed a solid foundation.

21 Ways to Be a Better You

What does it take to be a Strong Athlete? It all starts with the mind. Being a Strong Athlete is about making a mental committment to becoming the best version of you. You don’t have to be perfect and you don’t have to stress about doing everything right. You just have to strive to be a little bit better than you were yesterday. Below are 21 strategies you can use today to become an even better version of you: Drink more water, in the morning, between meals, before, during and after training. Eat your veggies, especially your greens. Besides being healthy for you, eating an abundance of greens will help you to become leaner, faster….

You: Powerful Beyond Measure

I want to remind you right now that you are powerful beyond measure! Since children, we have been conditioned not to be TOO powerful… You know, do what you’re told, don’t act out in school, fall in line, don’t be too loud, get your work done on time, etc, etc. Basically, just be a sheep with your head down and you’ll “survive” life. Well I don’t want to you to just survive life like a sheep until the wolf shows up on your doorstep. I want you to step into your power, make a positive difference in someone else’s life and live the fullfilling life that you are destined to live! One of my favourite…

Stop Thinking So Much …

I’ve had many powerful conversations over the years with my athletes, especially about the game of life. We talk about what it takes to get to the next level in their respective sports and how to become the best version of themselves. We talk about what it takes to win, and how to deal with adversity. Knowing how to deal with adversity is critical. In their quest to go higher, faster and further, these athletes will inevitably hit road blocks and setbacks. ACL tears, concussions, broken bones, ruptured tendons, sprains and strains. Job losses, tyrannical bosses, and mind-numbing, soul crushing day jobs. Family struggles and relationship struggles. These challenges take a physical toll and an…

Is Passion Bull$hit?

Everyone is always talking passion this and passion that when it comes to success. “You need to find your passion”… blah blah blah… how many times have you heard that one? And it feels like everyone and their dog are posting these passion quote images on social media every five minutes right? Well it’s time to put passion in its place. Now don’t get me wrong, I think that passion is important and you will need it to fuel you from time to time. However, I believe that it’s more important to focus on finding your PURPOSE rather than your passion if you’re looking for long-term success. Passion is energy based which means some days it’s…

Try These 3 High Return Exercises

In the spirit of training “Smart”, today I am going to share 3 of my favourite high-return exercises that I use with almost everyone I work with. The reason why I like these exercises is because they require full body activation and control to do them properly. Essentially, you are hitting a focused area while still getting core activation. It’s smart training, like killing 2 birds with one stone 🙂 But don’t get me wrong, I still believe in doing a variety of targeted core work as well, as I don’t believe that you can get enough core by just training multiple joint functional exercises but that’s a longer conversation for another time. I know…

Shoulder Shocker Tri-Set

This shoulder shocker is focused on muscle growth. We want to focus on moving and squeezing the muscle more so than just moving the weight. Here’s a little killer tri-set that we love to use on our athletes!

10 Laws of Training

It’s often hard to separate fact from fiction in the fitness community, especially with the Internet and social media. To simplify things a bit, here are our 10 Laws of a successful strength and conditioning program:

Choosing a Protein Supplement

Choosing a protein supplement can often be confusing. To make things easier, we’ve put together this quick and easy 4-step approach to buying the best protein supplement for you!

5 Habits of Strong Athletes

Strong Athletes embrace the reality that becoming a great athlete and being a champion at the game of life takes hard work and patience. Here are five of the most successful habits of Strong Athletes:

Why Sleep Matters Most

Everyone knows they should get enough sleep, yet it’s always the one thing that gets pushed to the side in favour of catching up on emails or watching another episode of Homeland on Netflix.

Mindset: Your “Why” Is Everything

Whenever we start working with a new athlete, we always begin with an interview. The main reason for this is to gauge the mindset of the person because of the role that mindset plays in someone’s success.

5 Factors to Elite Performance

The performance of our Strong Athletes is very serious business to us so we always make sure they’re ready to perform at the highest level on the big day.

Examining New Dietary Trends

New Year’s Day is often an exciting moment. It is an opportunity for a new start. A new start for …

Strength Training for Martial Arts

|By: Joey De Los Reyes|
You have great absolute strength, but does this mean you are the strongest person in the room?

3 Keys To A Stronger Deadlift

When performed correctly, the deadlift will make you insanely strong, build a wall of muscle from your traps down to your hamstrings, and enhance your performance in all kinds of sports.

Team Strong Athlete Q&A: Ashton

Jiu Jitsu specialist and promising MMA fighter Ashton Nemdhari is an athlete on the rise. Ashton joined Team Strong Athlete in early 2013 and has elevated his fight game to the next level …

Focus On Yourself

Guest Post by Leo Babauta
One of the biggest reasons we’re not content with ourselves and our lives is that we compare ….

Strong Athlete Manifesto

Life is a game. Play it with 100% intensity. Don’t spend it on the sidelines watching others. Lift heavy. Nobody built a kick-ass physique with …

Team Strong Athlete Profile: Trish

One of the many stars of Team Strong Athlete is Trish Plaja. This 42-year old mother of two is a 4th degree black belt, the co-owner of two martial arts schools and a fitness competitor!

#EatSTRONG: Protein Pancake

Try this delicious, quick and easy Strong Athlete favourite recipe today!

MMA: Ashton Wins in Ohio!

Find out how Team Strong Athlete MMA Fighter Ashton Nemdhari dominated his opponent in an all out MMA war!

Dave Reesor Heavy Squat Session

Check out Team Strong Athlete member Big Dave Reesor’s most recent leg training session as he gears up for a raw powerlifting meet!

16-Week Rapid Fat Loss Training for Men

Get Lean & Strong Now!

16-Week Rapid Fat Loss Training for Women

Get a Beauttful Beach Body Now!

Battle Bodyfat with Battle Ropes

High Intensity Interval Training – Are You Doing It? Find out how this Strong Athlete Approved training style can deliver rapid results!

Fundamentals Of A Big Bench!

|By: Big Jeff Pearce|   You know the conversation, “Oh, you workout?  How much do you bench press?”  It’s a conversation that pops up all too often; people find out that you workout and all of a sudden they have to know how much you bench.  It’s a barometer of strength; the common man’s measuring stick of might.  Inevitably, the person that asks you will always follow up with a smug grin and “Oh, I have a friend that can lift X amount more than you.”  The reason I have chosen to pen this article about bench strength is that I want you to be that friend that can lift X amount more than someone…

Knee Injury Prevention

  |By: Nicole Ettorre CAT(C), BAHSc (AT), BPhEd| Whether you are a weekend warrior or a highly competitive athlete, you have likely experienced or come in contact with someone who has suffered from some sort of knee pain. Knee injuries, especially to those who are physically active, have become increasingly prevalent and are responsible for large economic and personal burden 1   The knee itself is a large and complex joint that can be easily injured due to the number of forces that can act upon it. It consists of four bones: the femur, tibia, fibula and patella; cartilage, meniscus, and several bursa, ligaments and muscles/tendons. All of these structures must work together to produce…

Your New Years 5-Step Nutrition Guide

It’s that time again. It’s a new year and there is no better time to set a new fitness goal for yourself and stick to it. To help you along the way, we’ve outlined a 5-step nutrition guide that we give to all first-time clients, no matter if they are just looking to get in better shape, compete in a sport, or to step onstage in a physique contest. Pay close attention to the steps below along your transformation journey and the odds of you achieving success are virtually guaranteed.   1. WATER Our bodies are made up of over 75% water. Without proper hydration, we will very quickly impair normal body function. For health, body composition and/or…